Trapped by a town

Jason had definitely made a wrong turn somewhere, but when and why he could not remember.

It was late when he entered the town of Transville, 8400 inhabitants. It was not on the map. His GPS told him he was in the middle of the woods. But he was tired and needed to sleep.

He parked outside a local bed and breakfast and walked inside. The receptionist was very friendly.

"Have you been here before, sir?"

No he hadn't.

"Do you know what to expect?"

What did she mean?

"Well, sir, this town may change you in unexpected ways. It has its will of its own in a way, and likes to help people find their own inner selves, so to speak."

He did not get it, and told her so.

"Well, let's say you a very masculine and dominating. If that is the case, the town may accentuate those traits and make you more.... so. And the other way round."

He still didn't get it, but decided to let the locals have their own superstitions.

Breakfast was from 7 to 10 a.m., she told him.

The next morning he woke up in a new, small, soft and curvy body and realized that the town actually had a mind of its own. He did not make it to breakfast.

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