Tranisa adds several new feminization videos

Tranisa has become a very important provider of transgender and feminization videos.I love their unpretentious approach and  British sense of humor and their ability to explore even more transgender fantasy themes.Each video can be yours for between US$ 9.99 and 17.50. You can download them from Tranisa.com.Among the new videos we find:Tranny Girl Station
The show is the go on the air and the model hasn't turned up at the last minute, so Paul the sound man is bribed to take her place and dressed in a baby doll negligee.

Bridal Peeper
Rodger the Lodger is peeping through the keyhole to see his landlady in her wedding dress and underwear. Betrayed by his carelessness she finds him and drags him into the room.

Trolley Dolly Tranny
This guy becomes and air hostess - permanently. Tranisa's most complex film yet complete with special effects, smoke and the very sexy actress Lara Latex.

Tranny Hypno Therapy
Sexist Steve is given an ultimatum by his long suffering wife and agrees to attend a hypo therapy session to help him behave in a more appropriate way with women.
(Note that I am using my own service provider to host these trailers, and they may take some time to load! There is a few seconds long introductory still photo at the beginning of each video.)

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