On Freya's: Servant of the Skull

Freya is back in business and has updated her Sexual Transgender fiction site.

This month Freya presents a new photo story by yours truly. (When you get to that page, scroll to the bottom to read the slide show.)

Men are disappearing all over town. But that doesn't worry Mark. These are not the kind of things that happens to him, right?


One fateful night he finds himself the prisoner of the Servants of the Skull, exactly the kind of people you do not want to be mixed up if you want a quiet, peaceful and masculine life.

This is a very rough story, so if you do not like transgender fantasies of the more brutal kind, you may want to steer away from this one.

The pix are from Sextronix' Totally Redhead. I find myself using more and more of their series, probably because they have such sexy models and good photographers.

You may download the full screen PDF file here!
Alternative download site

Freya also presents new caps by Stephanie and Nikki Mounds.

Go to Freya's Sexual Transgender November 28 Update!

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