Fictionmania update

Sapphire has posted a news update on the future of Fictionmania over at TG Fiction.

So those of you who are suffering from FM withdrawal may take comfort in the following:

The Fictionmania server is dead, but will be replaced. The team already have the replacement but need some time to set it up.

Sapphire notes that the rumors of the server being an "old mac" is false:

" - while it is a Mac, it's a Mac server that is only a few years old - but the load on it is huge! The same with the rumor of some people holding the rights to the software - the software is the current or close it it versions, and the Taskforce holds the licenses, and we also hold the upgrade licenses for the new server already!"

The content ( the stories, graphics, message board, etc ) is safe.

While you wait, you may take a look at some of the TG fiction sites listed in the left hand column of this page. There are quite a few story collections there as well.

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