You won't believe what happened to me!

Rachel, it's me Sam. Sam!!! Sam Taylor.

Yeah, I know my voice sounds strange. That's because Christopher changed me into a woman.

Yes, it's true... I was a little bit surprised about it myself, Rachel, but it turns out he loves me.

Yeah, he does! Isn't that great?

And he have brought me all these amazing gifts. A pearl necklace, you know, and gold ear rings. Yes, isn't that sweet? Yeah, I know, he's adorable!

And he borrowed me his Platinum card. I have been out shopping, Rachel, and you know me, I used to hate that kind of thing. I have bought ten pillows for the bedroom, and potpourris. I get it now, Rachel, I understand what potpourris is all about. How could I be so stupid?

How is it going with you and Greg, dear? Oh, I am sorry to hear that. Maybe you can come over to Christopher's place. Maybe we could fool around, the three of us...

I know what I am supposed to do with your little love nub now, dear.

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