Schexy Woman

"Let me get thisss sctraight mischter! You got me drunk because you wanted to usche magic to turn me into Maschi..., Mashu.., Masiumi Max, the sexchiest model in the world, and then have schex with me?"

"Yes, that about sums it up."

"And you can't schange me back?"

"The book says that if you have sex while being in this new body, you can never change back."

"Hot damn! I am pretty hot, ain't I?"

"Yes, you are!"

"And you aren't bad yourschelf!"

"That has been said about me, yes."

"Whaddabout, what about a little bit of schex, you know?"

"A little bit? Some cuddling, you mean?"

"No, I mean some AC/DC teschting, you know, schust to see how my plumbing works. I won't schtay a woman forever, you know..."

"No, of course not. Why don't kneel down here and take a look, and then we can take it from there."


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This one is for Cindy!

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