Scott let out a moan as the man thrust his dick into her pussy for what must have been the hundredth time. Her body was swaying back and forth in the sofa, in rhythm with the man behind her.

The evening wasn't supposed to end this way. As a matter for fact, it was absolutely impossible for the evening to end this way.

This afternoon she had started out as a he. He, Scott, had made his ritual preparations for another evening out on the town: He put on his favorite shirt, his new shoes, and a decent dose of Boss perfume.

He seemed to be in luck. Down at the Cosmopolitan he danced a bit, flirted with several girls before chatting with one gorgeous blonde that called herself Erin.

Scott loved airheads like her. They were so easily flattered. Just agree to whatever nonsense they may utter, and they would end up in your bed, guaranteed. People didn't respect dumb blondes, which is why faking interest in their stupid remarks made them love you so much. Sexy people had their own inferiority complexes.

"How does it feel?" the man behind Scott grunted. "How does it feel being a sexy blonde?"

Scott felt a strange feeling swelling up inside him, starting deep down in his pelvis and flushing upwards to his erect nipples. Oh God, they were so sensitive!

"Your stupidity has cost you your old life, Scott!" the man exclaimed. "You should know better than to judge a person by looks alone! I might have looked like a bimbo to you, but I am in fact one of the most intelligent bodythieves around these days."

Scott started to shake as a powerful orgasm made his pussy milk the man's dick.

"Oh, you like this don't you, bitch? Well, that's good, because Erin, that is your new identity, is a call girl without any education to speak of. I, on the other hand, is going to enjoy your old life as the son of one of America's richest industrialists. Who knows, maybe I'll invite you to a party one day!"

This one is for Erin!

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