Brian does some modeling

"Mandy! How on earth did you manage to convince Brian to step in for Brenda?"

"This magazine means all to him Anna, and I think he was a little intrigued about the thought of spending some time as a woman."

"But you did tell him that the Indian shapeshifter potion makes you extremely horny?"

"No, somehow I forgot to tell him that...."

"But why?"

"He is up for a promotion, dear, and as he is a man and I am a woman, he is bound to get the job."

"Ah, I see, you are using all that sexist crap against him."

"Oh look, her eyes is going for Mark's crotch."

"That was fast. The boys are surely cooperating."

"That didn't require much persuasion. Woow, who could have known that Brian was so good at sucking cock?"

"Mandy dear, you have to stop this now, before one of them fucks him... her!"


"You know he will stay like this forever if any of them comes inside him?"

"Say hello to the new Editor-in-Chief, Anne. I am sure Brenda will make me an excellent secretary!"

Images from Totallyredhead. That site presents some very hot ladies!

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This cap is dedicated to Bren over at Rachel's Haven.

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