Doing fine

- How is he doing, doctor?

- Well, he was hysterical at first. Demanding to see a lawyer, the police, that sort of thing. They always do! We gave him a sedative and he calmed down yesterday evening.

- Is that him on the monitor?

- Yes. He started exploring his new body in earnest this morning, as fear gave way to curiosity. He discovered the joy of female masturbation a few hours ago, and as you can see he is really getting a hang of it.

- The orgasms will weaken his resistance, won't they, doctor?

- Oh yes, indeed. The nanobots and the gendervirus take care of the physical changes. The subliminal conditioning takes care of his sexual orientation, but in the end it is the pleasure of the flesh that fuses his new personality into a coherent whole.

- Is that him screaming?

- Yes, we have mikes in there as well. That was definitely one intense orgasm.

- You know, he has become as beautiful as I imagined her to be. You have earned every penny, doctor.

- Thank you, sir!

- You think I am a freak, don't you, changing a good friend like that into a woman?

- I am not here to judge, sir.

- I know for a fact that this is what he really wanted. He never admitted as much of course, but I checked the cache file of his browser. I know exactly what kind of sites that turned him on.

- I see, sir.

- Moreover, I have never been able to forget Ginger. Ginger was his girl friend in high school, you know. The most beautiful girl I have ever known. I loved her, but she only had her eyes on him. Isn't that ironic. All he wanted was to be her!

Now we can all get what we want. Can I go in and make love to her now?

- Yes sir. The combination of sedatives and hormones should make her very cooperative sir. Enjoy your stay!

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  1. I liked this very much. It is kinda like a dream come true, only my lover would be a different gender. She would have me changed and I would then live with her for the rest of my days. Thank you Beccs, I needed this fantasy this morning.

  2. I am glad you liked it! I am planning a lesbian love story especially for you!


  3. I think the B&W photo is one of the most erotic photos I have every seen.

    I am looking forward to the Story you have for Lady Alexia.

    Thank you Rebecca for such a great site.


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