Rebecca's Poll: What kind of stories do you like?

Although The Other Side of Your Soulisn't a democracy, I would love to hear what kind of stories you like the most. 

Maybe I can make some more based on your favorite fantasy?

Take a look in the left hand column of this page, and vote for the topics you like the most. 

And yes, you can vote for more than one! If you want to elaborate, you can even add a comment to this post.



  1. Anonymous10/16/2008

    These are separate votes, not votes for what to see in one thing. Lesbian not in terms of, "Oh, I kissed a girl, now let me have sex with some guys." Lesbian in terms of girl on girl, period. East Asian. Forced. Not mind controlled but seduced. We don't see enough of that anywhere. Captions with multiple pictures. Fewer explanations i.e. less "My grandmother who's from Haiti and a witch who uses these herbs and prayers to this goddess to focus through that anima so this spirit can be unleashed in you." and more "It's magic. What? Magic exists. I have my sources."

  2. Anonymous10/16/2008

    i like stories in which the main person somehow, magically, gets turned in to a girl and fights it, but then under some weird reason is convinced to go clubbing, via on drugs or forced, wears something slutty, g-string, and at first is reluctant to dance but then gets plastered and grinds alot before going to the guys house for wild sex, and waking up freaking out but does it again anyway

    thats my good story type

  3. Anonymous10/16/2008

    seduction stories that have the male seduced into becoming a sexy beautiful girl and ten further seduced into fully becoming female mentally as well slow transformations to bring the reader into the story and feel just what is happening to him/her. i love all your work and hope to try a few as well ty for a wonderful site to xplor the fantasy

  4. Anonymous10/17/2008

    I'd like to see more stories chronicling the actual feminization of men via hormones and implants by either father figures or bosses or friends but with using real pictures of transsexuals. There aren't hardly ANY decent tranny captions out there in the whole world.

  5. Anonymous10/17/2008

    Aw, Love Stories scored really low. Well, I'm here to make my vote in favor of romance just that much more heard. It doesn't have to be overdone or cheesy or anything, I just find a story with even a touch of genuine seduction ten times better than one without. In your last photo-novella, the Kali one, (which was great by the way!) the short bit where the roommate sweet-talks Samantha into taking it off made the story so much more enjoyable. I also really liked the first of the two cheerleader stories, the one about the guy who was really in love with one of the cheerleaders.

  6. Anonymous10/17/2008

    I love stories with pictures the more pictures the better the story. Animation of men going through the change is a brilliant bonus. The story is about magic and a beautiful women turning a man into a beautiful women, he knows he is changing and hates it, he fights it all the way but cant stop it. As he changes she grows a cock and seduces him/her against his/her will until she cant resist it and needs to be filled like a women. Stories where cumming makes the change perm are very good too. I love all your publications and think you are great. Keep up the great work. xxx

  7. I would like furry gender transformations. A human male changing to some furry female would be a plus.
    THough I haven't seen any of them here, I like the site nontheless.
    Unless there are such big boobed bimbos in the stories. :(

  8. Anonymous10/17/2008

    I would be so happy to see more captions in which the main person gets turned into girl by his girlfriend in order that he could see who life is for a woman.especially I would like to see much more stories in which the main person has to handle to the female lack of bladder control!Ladiesroom scenes,desperate and wishing to be a man again and be able to pee standing,crossed legs ect.
    And a gleeful girlfriend who sais things like: "Don´t forget to whipe honey...."
    Oh man...that would be so awsome,if you could make some captions like that rebecca...!!!I think you´re probablly the only one on the web who could do that the right way....
    Thanks ahead and a kiss from a big fan of your site!!!!

  9. Anonymous10/18/2008

    Against his will he is made to suck her tits as he does the change starts. he feels it and wants to get away and stop it she teases him as he slowly changes exploring his new body trying so hard to stop it pushing aganst his chest to stop the growth of his own tits now he is a beautiful women but wants to be a man again now she changes and forces her to have sex with him when they cum its all over the change is for good. Rebecca this site is A1 made in heaven please please do more stories add photos even better animate the change xxx

  10. Anonymous10/19/2008

    Guy turned into a lesbian, plain and simple. Nothing ruins good porn for me like way too damn many close ups of some guy's junk. That's just not the kind of think I want to think about or see at the time. Also, I love makeovers after the guy has been transformed, it's great seeing his girlfriend force him to dress cuter/sexier.

  11. Anonymous10/19/2008

    mhh thats simple ...stories involving aguy turning into a busty woman through magic ( curse item and so on) with the guy keeping his sexual orientation .. making him a lesbian with a hightened libido

  12. Asian - because I think Asian girls are the hottest. It is nice when the guy is visiting the orient when he gets transformed into an Asian girl and he doesn't speak the language and now his passport is no good and he can't return to his own country.

    Forced - I love it when the guy is transformed against his will but the transformation should only be physical. Mentally he should still be the same and he/she should still be attracted to women. He should find it very difficult if not impossible to get used to his own body and should never accept the change, even if it is permanent. I like it when the newly formed girl tries to tape down his new large boobs, puts a sock in his crotch to hide his new dripping wet pussy and tries to assume his old appearance as a man, and hide his change from his friends and family, this would then lead to some embarrassing and sometimes comical results.

    Magic - I like the stuff when the guy gets cursed against his will. I like to see the actual transformation sequence, but I understand this is difficult to do. I like cartoon TG transformations very much because you see much more of the transformation sequences, again, I doubt you are an artist and would be difficult to do. I also like it when the guy turned woman is freaking out and crying and in shock, it should be the last thing he ever wanted, but of course he will have to make do with his new body parts. Maybe part of the curse is he/she is now super horny.

    Lesbian - I love the lesbian photos. I'm not gay (not that there is anything wrong with it), but if I was turned into a girl, the last thing I would want is to have sex with a dude. I love lesbian fantasies, but I can never have lesbian sex because I'm a man. I like the transformations where the guy can have sex with a woman the way he never can (as a girl). Imagine the irony of once having a dick and screwing a woman to becoming a woman and having to use a strap-on to do the same thing, kind of embarrassing, but hot at the same time.

    Masturbation/Toys - Let me ask you a question. If you were suddenly turned into a girl, what would the first thing you would do after you get over the initial shock? You would explore your new pussy and feel your boobs, right? I like to play with my wife's pussy and boobs, but I would like to imagine would it would be like if I felt the sensation of my pussy being stroked. If I suddenly had a smoking hot body I would take an 8 hour shower and I probably wouldn't leave the house for months. When I did finally leave the house, it would be to by cucumbers and stuff like sex toys.

    Hermaphrodites - I also like the hermaphrodite/Futanari stuff, but I understand it is not for everyone, but it does usually involve some kind of transformation.

  13. Anonymous10/21/2008

    I agree with pretty much everything the previous poster said except for the hermaphrodites...

    Physical changes by magic or other strange means where the changed person struggles and hates the change. Variations could be that it's a punishment (BDSM, hardcare) or that it just happens and friends and family try to convince her to just accept it.

  14. Anonymous10/23/2008

    I love the mind-games. Hypnosis, mind control - being transformed not just in body, but in mind, through the mental manipulation and the sheer intensity of sensation in the female body. Also, the lesbian vibe is hot in TG stories. A fantasy of mine is being kidnapped/captured by a group of women, being transformed into a girl, and being brainwashed to support their cause.

  15. How about a story where these hot lesbian Amazonian girls are on a mission to "convert" the whole world into women like them? They can use some type of raygun or gender transforming STD they developed to transform all of the men on this planet into hot chicks.

  16. Anonymous5/12/2011

    Jedi and total change stories with freewill


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