Indian version of trangender movie "Switch"

Alice over at TGF reports that there is a Bollywood version of Switch available. It is called "Mr. Ya Miss". Here is her verdict:

"Honestly, it was so obviously an utter ripoff of 'Switch' and so poorly done that I couldn't sit through it, but some of you might find it interesting."

Here is a taste:

More clips here.

And yes, the original "Switch" was made by Blake Edwards in 1992 and tells the story of an arrogant male chauvinist business man that one day wakes up as a woman.

He is being tested by God: Does he have the capability to love?

Ellen Barkin plays the lead. It is an entertaining story and definitely worth a try. You can buy Switch from Amazon.

Here is the trailer:


  1. Hey! That's totally Bollywood style! Not bad, I think, though the difference between mine and their culture is just too large for me to like it actually.

  2. I have actually bought a few Bollywood movies, and it took me some time to grasp the concept. They are very long, full of music and dancing and normally not very intellectually challenging (but then again, nor are most Hollywood movies). The point is, however, that you are not supposed to concentrate fully on the movie as it unfolds. You are supposed to bring food to the cinema. Eat, chat with friends etc, while you at the same time try to get the most of the plot.


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