Lilac Wren has put up a new YouTube TG video channel

Lilac Wren has launched a new video channel for TG videos over at YouTube.
Photo by Comstock

Wren is one of the few that takes the time to edit video mash-ups into transformation stories, and I love the way she manages to combine wildly different footage into something that actually makes sense as a work in itself.

You can see more of her work over at TGCreation.com (which also contains more explicit movies).

Here is the story of a male porn star, whose carrier takes a new path. (If you know French, close you ears. One necessary trick in this trade is creative subtitling ;)


You can see the full unedited adult version of this movie here!

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Thanks so much for the support. I couldn't be happier that you chose to include me amongst all of the other great work here.



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