"Hold still, Adam, I have had enough of your disobedience!" Drake grabbed the long hair of the newborn girl in front of him to make sure that she did not try to get away. He continued fucking her hard from behind.

 "God, please no, Drake. You cannot do this to me! I am a man remember! I am a man!"

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"Nonsense! You are not a man anymore. You lost everything you had in that poker game, you idiot. You lost your car, your house, your wife, your job. You lost everything. And now I own you."

Drake pushed harder, as if making a point.

"You were the one that agreed to the body swap. Agneta, my faithful Bulgarian hooker,  is now living your life, debt free, while you will be here, doing her work for the next five years or so. It is either this or death, Adam."

 Adam turned his head and looked Drake in the eyes. He saw no mercy there. Only contempt.

"Now," Drake said, "it is time for us to move over to cock-sucking. Let's make you feel the taste of your own pussy juices, shall we?"

  Movie originally from Passion-HD.

Animated GIF of Eden Adams by McLowland.


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