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I am experimenting a bit with tumblr as a platform for TG captioning. You will find some of my classic captions over at my new tumblr blog, as well as captions I reblog from others.
Classic Rebecca cap from 2008
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Tumblr is in many ways a rich source of erotic imagery that can be used for captioning.

If you have a TG blog over at tumblr, send me the URL to your best cap and I will republish it at Rebecca's Caption. If your blog is one of the other platforms, I am more than willing to add a cap with a link to that blog as well.

Add the URL to this blog post or send me a message on tumblr.

Click here to visit Rebecca's Captions over at tumblr!


  1. Hi Rebecca I see you are asking for captions to re post if I could humbly suggest one of my own from my tumblr. http://spindizzy17.tumblr.com/ maybe this one, http://spindizzy17.tumblr.com/image/75677065588

  2. Will do! Great blog by the way...


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