Safe Word

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It had been a great idea. Or so they thought. Special Agent King had argued that they could use the alien transformation device the Navy had found in the Antarchtica  and change one of the agents into the Dragon's girl friend.

No one would question her right to be there, and since she was the mobster's accountant, no one would question her right to use the computer either.

The problem was that Chuck was the only agent with the skills needed to access that computer, so he had to live a day as a woman. Oh, he had protested. Vehemently. But this was their only shot at getting the evidence needed to nail this guy.

It had worked so well. They had made sure Kayla was held back in traffic, while Chuck entered the gang's headquarters as her.

The boss was not going to be there, their snitch had told them. But he was wrong. After an hour or so with Chuck exlporing the house and the computer, the Dragon himself turned up, horny as hell.

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"I have time for a quickjy, darling!" he said and embraced a terrified special agent.

Chuck had mumbled something about "that time of the month", but the boss clearly kept track of that kind of thing. He got angry, turned the small female body around and pulled down the girl's jeans and panties.

"Remember, darling: You have always time for me!" he wheezed. "And I think I will stay at home tonight and prove it to you!"

Chuck had a safe word, but if he used it he would be dead. He held his breath.

The images of Briana O'Shea is from TeamSkeet.


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