Happily ever after

To linda.hansson@yahoo.com
From peter.hamilton@gmail.com

Dear Linda,

I think I might have done something hasty. You are now married to Frank.

I know you don’t fancy him that much, but he was so sweet to me, asking me out for expensive dinners, buying me the most amazing necklace I’ve ever seen. And then he gave me the keys to his apartment.

I was drunk, Linda, I couldn’t help it. I never planned to go to bed with him. But damn, it felt so good being a woman! I just love having him close to me.

And I did warn you ! I have sent you more than twenty mails during the last three months, begging you to come back from the Amazonas.

Phone me!


To peter.hamilton@gmail.com
From linda.hansson@yahoo.com

Dear Linda, I am so happy for you, and I am sorry I missed the wedding.

I’d love to be the godfather of your first kid!

I am closing down this email account now. Please send all email to peter.hamilton@hotmail.com from now on. I’ll keep the medallion.

All the best from Peter.

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