Lost and confused

She was lost in the forest and she had no idea how she had ended up there.

She looked bewildered at all the trees and tried to remember. Remember anything.

She was... Sam! Sam, right? That must be Sam for Samantha. She looked down at her pink top and white miniskirt.

She was definitely not dressed for mountain hiking. She looked good, though. Hot, even. She let her hands wander over her curves, confused. Was she supposed to look this way?

Hmmmm, those tits felt good! Her nipples stiffened at her touch. She could feel an electric current tingle down her spine. She definitely had to explore these sensations a bit further.

She heard the sound of a chainsaw in the distance and walked towards it. Behind a fence she could see a young logger working. His chest was bare and he was sweating, muscles shining. She found it hard to breathe. She could ask him for help, couldn’t she?

But all she wanted to do was to touch him, and have him caress her. These feelings scared her. What was she, some kind of sex crazed slut? She had to remember! Still, it was all lost in a haze.

She found an opening in the fence and walked over to the man, fully determined to ask for help, and help only. But when she came close enough she couldn’t help herself. The scent, his muscles, his surprised smile, all of it compelled her to touch.

The man couldn't believe his luck, and was not the one to let this opportunity walk by. He kissed her passionately and undressed quickly. "Who are you? Some kind of forest fairy?" he asked her.

"Maybe I am, maybe I am not," she answered. "I don't know who I am anymore, and right now I don't care!"

She pulled down his trousers and fell down on her knees. She had to suck that dick. There was no way around it, and the more she tasted him the more she needed him.

“Please fill me up!” she begged him and wriggled her small ass towards him. “I need you inside me. Please, please, take me, lover!”

The surprised lumberjack rammed his penis into her moist pussy from behind and fucked her doggy style, each thrust bringing her closer to the edge of something extraordinary and wonderful.

Finally he was was unable to hold back anymore and he shot his load into her. She could actually feel it, and she screamed out in pure joy. “My... God... this... is... so... gooooooood!”

She still couldn’t remember, but she was no longer afraid. This man would take care of her, and she would definitely take care of him!

In a forest cabin a few miles away, a man was screaming in frustration.

“What do you mean, he got away? The spell was supposed to teach him a lesson, to show him how degrading all those fantasies about stupid sluts and bimbos are.

"He is a nymphomaniac now, in my body, and if he finds the scent of male pheromones anywhere, he is bound to fuck that man!”

“Oh, I know,” the witch answered, laughing.

“And if that man fills him up with semen, Sam will stay that way forever.

"Hm, maybe you will have to live in his body for the rest of your life now, Eva. How do you feel about that?”

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Photos by exxxcellent.com.

This is a work of fiction and there is no relationship between the models and the fictional characters.

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