"Commencing interview with Ms. Donovan at 2 pm on Monday November 26 2012. Ms. Donovan, I wonder if you could..."

"My name is not Ms. Donovan! I have already told you! It is Mr. Greg Donovan. I am a man!"

"Yes, Ms.... eh... Donovan. We will make note of this in the police report, but you must understand that you do not look much like a man.... eh... at the moment."

"Yeah! Yeah! I know. It was that damned wizard!"

"That would be Mr. Charles Lawrence. The victim."

"That's what he called himself. Anyway, he used a spell to turn me into a woman."

"I see. Why would he do that?"

"He beat me in poker, and I might have made some derogatory references to his manhood or lack thereof."

"You told the officer at the scene that you followed him down the street."

"Yes, I wanted to pay him to change me back."

"And then he tried to escape you by running across the street."

"Yes, and he was hit by a car. So I called 911. How is he? Can I talk to him? I need to talk to him urgently about changing me back!"

"I hope you understand that I find this tale about magical gender swaps a bit unusual, Ms. Donovan. This isn't San Francisco. We are not used to that kind of thing here. Besides, I am afraid Mr. Lawrence did not make it."

"He is dead? Oh, God. He is the only one that can help me..."

"One moment, please....Yes, officer?....I see.... Please give me the note!....Hm....Well, Donovan. It seems our officer have found your purse, and in it they found your driver's license."

"Thank God! Now you believe me, right?"

"It says here you are Ms. Deborah Donovan, New Jersey.  My colleagues have called your family...."

"No! You are mistaken! ... Eh, what do you mean: My family?"

"Well, your husband is willing to pay your bail. He has explained to us that you have been a bit distraught lately, due to the loss of your mother. And since this is not a murder case, there is no reason for us to hold you here any longer. You are free to go, Mrs. Donovan!"

"What? Hey! You cannot do this to me! I want a lawyer!"

"Goodbye, Mrs. Donovan."

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  1. Well, on the bright side, the wizard did not leave him without means of support or a home! Even provided her new id!


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