Japan: The Empire of Transgender Erotic Comics

There are those who think that the fascination for crossgender fantasies and transgender fiction is the end result of cultural construction in Western society.

In Okawari Girl a boy who had taken
part in a gang rape, find himself
turned into a busty girl.
I would therefor like to point out that the main producer of transgender erotica is not the U.S. of A., but Japan.

Erotic TG comics in Japan

Although Japan has adopted some of the West's hang-ups about sex (besides having some of their own), there is a thriving industry producing what can only be described as TG porn.

In my presentation of Japanese gender bender movies, I have noted the fact that nearly all of them are body swap movies based on the same narrative.

That might be the case, but the comic book scene is much more diverse. Japanese transformation comic book stories -- most often labelled gender bender manga -- present a wide variety of stories and methods of change.

There is also a separate genre for female to male gender benders, called yaoi, which may be very explicit in its depiction of sex.


Hard core, explicit manga, is called hentai. There are a lot of such stories available for free on the net, many of them translated into English by eager fans. To what extent this fan activity can be said to be legal or not is unclear to me.

In Virtual Reality realizes too late that he is
the girl in the scene, not one of the
violent male characters.
The Japanese manga industry may publicly condemn copyright violation, but the truth is that they often turn a blind eye to all the fan fiction produced by the relevant communities. Some of the transformation comics are "amateur" creations, where the fans put their favorite comic heros into new and interesting positions.

Finding sex change and feminization comics

Anyway, if you want to explore the gender bender hentai scene, there is much to find. You may, for instance visit sites like HentaiManga who has scanned versions of a lot of comics, not all of them Japanese.

Do a search for gender bender for male to female transformation. Then look for tags like "English" or "translation" to find comics in the English language.  There is also a separate femdom tag, and a section for yaoi.

Some examples

Okawari Girl is, for instance, a story about a virus that turns men into lusty women, who in turn infects other men. Only lesbian love can turn them back to their former selves. The series is very explicit.

In Virtual Reality Shop our main character are misled into using software developed to make customers addicted to the product. In the virtual reality world he finds himself a girl.
In Witch of the East a boy find himself
Transformed into a lactating woman.
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In the Witch of the East a young man finds himself transformed into a woman with huge breasts. This is the story for the milk fetishists among you.

In Yume Demo Iretai a young man tries to stop a young girl from killing herself. She jumps off a bridge, but it is he who wakes up in the hospital in her body.

In Yume Iretai a man wakes up
in hospital in the body of the
woman he tried to save.
And yes, remember to read from right to left. These comics have not been reformatted for Western eyes.

But I am no expert in this field. Could my manga savvy readers point us all in direction of the real gems in the field?

Other sites

See also Prime Hentai, which has a a good overview over gender bender hentai. Unfortunately there are links to pop ups and the download services used are slow and full of crappy ads.

g-e-hentai.org  has many body swap and gender bender comics. The design is ancient and hard to navigate, but the stuff is there. This site also includes links to torrents.

Anime has a database with non-explicit genderbender manga. Manga Fox as well.


  1. The thing I like most about anime, Hentai, manga ect, is how they make real life seem so predictable.

  2. So what are your favorite hentai stories?

  3. Anonymous4/07/2013

    Search in Mangafox and E-Hentai for gender bender. :D

  4. Anonymous4/07/2013

    My favourite TG Manga artist is DATE. He have the most "dark" stories, but also the most perfect. Rebecca, you must read "Deep Stalker" (it has 3 parts), and "Subute Wa Boku No Mono". I'm sure that you will enjoy them.

  5. Anonymous4/07/2013

    http://tgmangas.xeraweb.com/ is a great site with a lot of manga even though it is no longer updated.

  6. Anonymous4/08/2013

    g.e-hentai.org has the most in my opinion. Simply search for "gender" and feel free to add in "english" for all you non-japanese speakers!

  7. Thank you very much for the input. I am going to look for Date's stories right now.

  8. I personally don't like hentai very much. Sure, the transgender theme is pretty large there and the stories are fun, hot or both at once.

    But why does there have to be so much rape? Seriously, this makes me sick. I like a lot of those works but it's quite a hard work to ignore the rape parts while trying to enjoy the rest.


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