Ereshkigal's Revenge

The photos of Henessy are from RK.com
When I wrote the first stories from the Ereshkigal/Inanna universe, I had no idea there was going to be so many of them.

But there is something about having two powerful orders of witches battling each other and the power of the patriarchy that generates a lot of ideas.

This story, though, is more of a catching up tale for new readers. You know, giving you an idea as to what the mythology is all about.

By the way,  Inanna and Ereshkigal were actually two of the major divinities in the Sumerian pantheon. And they were both godesses of war and death. I guess they had other ideas about the power of women in those days.

This photo comic is based on imagery from two movies made by RealityKings.com. They provide me with a lot of mash up material!

Those of you with iPads and tablets can read the full screen version over at Slideshare.

You can download full screen PDF-files here and here!