Nasty Boys

"Oh Mike, will you please stop that sobbing! They don't think you look like a girl. They are just teasing you, you know. Boys are like that.

They are all bastards! But you are not like that, baby. No, you are kind, sweet, and understanding and they cannot understand that. It is all that testosterone, you see. It makes them jumpy.

What? You're a boy too? Of course you are, darling. Of course you are. And you are dressed just like them for training: Shorts and sneakers and....

What do you mean, 'they don't wear red sneakers'? Of course they do, the whole of Manchester United is dressed in red!

You don't know what Manchester United is? Beckham, girl, Beckham!... Yeah, now you remember. And you are posh enough to get him, you know....

No, no, no! Pleeease, darling, I didn't mean it that way. Of course you don't like boys. They are all sweaty, hairy, brutal and absolutely yummy. But you will come to like them, darling. Not their personality, that's so. They are after all neanderthals, all of them.

But they are nice to have in bed on a cold winter night. Next after hot chocolate, really.

What do you mean, they make fun of your hair? Even Bon Jovi has long hair, and he isn't much of a girl. He is? I didn't know.

Well anyway, I met your father at Woodstock (God bless his soul!) and we all had long hair those days. All these crew cuts are a military conspiracy, if you ask me, although I must admit they look good in uniform. Find yourself an officer, Miki, they are easy to keep clean.

Now, come to mama. I'll get you some ice cream and your hormones. You will feel so much better!

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This one is for Miki.

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  1. I just love that one. Cute picture and beautiful story, just how i like it.

    *hugs and kisses*


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