The Suit

It was a disaster. That stupid girl had bumped into him and caused him to spill coffee all over his new suit. And his meeting was in two hours.

He ran down the stairs and out into the street, trying desperately to remember if there was a men's clothing store somewhere nearby. As far as he could remember, the closest one was five blocks south. He would not make it.

Then he saw it: A small shop between the local 7 Eleven and Starbucks. He had never seen it before. "Mr. Samuel MacMagic Men's Apparel" the sign said in old fashioned letters.

He went inside and over to the old man behind the desk.

"My oh my!" the man said and looked down at Ron's coffee stains.

"It was that damned Rita!" Ron exclaimed.

"Women are so clumsy and stupid. We should never have given them the vote in the first place!"

"Really?" the old man said, taken aback.

"Yeah, really," Ron said. He was pissed off about Rita. He should have had that senior management position, not her!"

"You are not exactly a happy camper, are you Ron?" the man asked. "I bet Rita is much happier than you!"

"Ah women!" Ron snorted. "It's their damn innocence. Rita has never faced real problems ever. There are always men around her, picking up the slack."

"But I guess you would have loved to be as happy as she is?" the man smiled.

"Sure, but..."

"Here' I have the right suit for you. Hand made by Indian tailors in Calcutta, the home town of Kali!"


Ron gave the man his Am Ex card and put on the suit. It fit perfectly! That was strange, because as he started to run back to his office, it was as if the suit grew many sizes. The long trousers' legs made him stumble.

"Ah, there you are Rachel!" Rita said to him when he stumbled into the office. "Be a nice girl and make us some coffee, will you?"

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