Parking Ticket

The judge looked down at him with a concentrated frown:

He looked through his papers.

"Mr. Drake... Dylan! I do sympathize with you, I really do, but I am afraid the law doesn't allow me to make any exceptions."

"But it was only a parking ticket, and I wasn't even wrongly parked!"

"Hm, I do understand that the punishment may seem a little excessive compared to the crime committed, but please, Dylan, try and look at this from my side. I sit here to uphold the law, and the law requires all offenders to be enrolled in the Artemis Program. Surely, you can understand why!"

"No, I cannot!" Dylan replied.

"The Invasion, Mr. Drake. The aliens. The flying saucers hovering over the White House! Does it ring a bell?"

Dylan grunted.

"Yes, Dylan, and what did they do? They captured 86 percent of our fertile female population. God knows what they are doing with them! Surely you must understand that the gender reassignment program is a necessity if we are to survive as a a race and a civilization?"

"Yes, but why me!" Dylan "I am a professional baseball player. I can't play baseball as a woman!"
"Sure you can," the judge commented.

"Not that you will have much time to do it. The nanoviral treatment is designed to make you 100 percent fertile. You will probably get pregnant on your wedding night!"

"Wedding night?!!" Dylan was screaming now.

"Oh, I see, they haven't told you. Let me see. You are allotted to one Mr. James Kendall, 456 Masters Road..."

"That is my coach! I cannot marry my coach!"

"You did not by by any chance lend him your car, did you, Dylan?"

Dylan stopped breathing.

"Anyway," the judge continued.

"The state is not a cruel institution. Your DNA combination will make you a very libidinous woman, and I am sure you will enjoy your new life very much...Court dismissed!"

Later that evening Dylan found himself in the voluptuous body of a beautiful redhead. His exploration of his new body turned him slowly from the feeling of revulsion to bewilderment, through delight to pure ecstasy. He would paint the baby's room pink!

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This one is for Dalene.

Images of Erica Campbell by Sextronix/Totally Redhead.

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