The Red Planet

Xzmuzzlak looked over at Ryan and grinned in the way of the Groon-tribe:

"My friend Ryan, I think we have succeeded. Using the ancient elixir of the Tut-Ank-Rox we have managed to rewrite their tablets of life -- DNA as you call it -- and turn them into the mates you so desperately long for."

Ryan looked at his friend and bowed:

"For this I will be eternal grateful, my brother. Now human life can start anew here at the Planet of the Thousand Tribes."

He looked down at Jason, his fellow astronaut, and sighed:

"Jason, I wish it had not come to this. But there was no way I would draw straws to determine who to change. You and Dimitri are so much more fit to the traditional life of women here at the Planet of the Thousand Tribes. I am made for hunting and war, as my good friend Xzmuzzlak here."

He looked out at the window, and over at the stranded rocket ship. In a minute the blue Earth would rise over the horizon. When the American Republic finally managed to send a new ship to Mars, he would be ready for them, with a new tribe of Earthlings protecting this planet from the greed of Mankind.

This one is for JaySeaver.

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