Forced into Frills and other movies

Tranisa has released a few new feminization videos for your benefit.

I love their Britishness and their humor (sorry: "humour"). Strictly soft core this, but amazing all the same.

Here is a taste of Strapped in Silk. The blurb says it all:

"Lara & Paige have just arrived back from some serious retail therapy with lots of sexy lingerie. They are unpacking their purchases in the conservatory when their lodger walks in and comments on how uncomfortable lingerie must be to wear. Paige & Lara both convince him to see what it's really like to be dressed in silky undies with tight straps and stockings, completing the look with a silky dress and wrap."

And here is a taste of Forced into Frills.

These promotion videos has been republished with permission of Tranisa.

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