Beat the Bastards 8: The End!

In the final episode of the TV reality TV show Beat the Bastards, something goes very wrong.

Meet John Caine, or Chantal as she is called now. He was know as the Dirty Journalist, the man who published that evil book about our beloved Madam President.

How will she react to the usual program of forced feminization and punishment? Will she fight, will she try to run or will she embrace her new womanhood?

If you haven't seen any of the other episodes yet, you'd better take a look at them first.

You may even download all eight episodes as one huge presentation (PDF 40 MB).

Beat the Bastards is illustrated with photos from Anal-pantyhose.com and Analsaga.com, both part of a great package of fetish sites.


  1. I really like how you wrapped this up. I admit I was kinda put off sometimes because I don't get into the humiliation stuff much. You really did make me enjoy the last episode. I guess I am more of a romantic soul and would love a TG Fairy Tale or something. The whole concept was very interesting though.


  2. I am (like you, it seems) trying to explore the various aspects of this strange thing called human sexuality and some times that journey brings me into some really dark realms as well. Don't worry, though, more love stories are coming up!


  3. Ezekiel3/03/2009

    This has been a great series, Rebecca. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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