Pink satin

"Do you know what I think,Patrick?" Jim asked. "No," Patrick replied. "But I am sure you're about to tell me."

"I think you worry too much. You are too uptight. You need to relax. Let go!"

"Well, I am sorry I cannot live up to your flexible standards, Jimmy! I just happen to take life seriously, and there is much to think about."

"Sure, but why don't you let your shoulders down just one night. I have just what you need right here." Jim pulled up a small golden bottle.

"Drugs? No thanks. You know I am not into drugs!"

"You are afraid what would happen, aren't you? That you might actually enjoy it? Well, don't worry, this is a perfectly safe herb mixture. Not a drug. I am gonna get a drink and mix this one into the vodka. Delicious!"

Come to think of it, Patrick didn't actually see Jim mix the herbs into both glasses, but he trusted his friend enough to take a big sip of the glass.

Everything changed. It was as if someone had dropped a stone into the very fabric of the time space continuum, and when the ripples finally subsided, he looked down at a completely new body.

There were two long legs covered in sexy silk stockings and a pink satin corset lifting up a perfect set of soft, warm, boobs.

"What the...!? What did you...?" The new woman looked up at Jim with a confused look.

Jim laughed at her: "Oh, there you are Kathrine! Don't worry, everything is all right. The herbs will give you one night as a beautiful woman, totally lacking inhibitions. It will be good for you, you know. You will finally be blond enough to let go, and it will be good for me, who get the opportunity to entertain you."

He opened a drawer and pulled out a long, pink, dildo. "Why don't you play with this for a little while, and then we take it form there?"

Images from Sextronix/Exxxcellent.

This one is for Katt.

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