The beauty of woman

Jack loved beauty. Any kind of beauty. He loved beauty so much that he spent every hour of the day looking for anything that would please his eye and set his heart racing.

It could be a beautiful scenery, a tree reaching for the stars, three white stones at the bottom of a pond, a horse galloping across a field, a child laughing to her mother: anything that brought him closer to what lies behind the veil that hides the real world.

He was most certainly a Platonist, and a strong believer in the idea that the beauty of this world is just a reflection of the true perfection beyond.

And when his friends reminded him of war and famine, diseases and the brutality of nature, he responded that it was all a matter of perspective. If you were able to see the whole of creation in one glance, the way God sees it, all of it would be beautiful.

His friends thought him a nut case, and when he started talking about the golden mean, sacred numbers, and the heavenly proportions of Greek temples, he lost them. They couldn't follow him.

Finally, after seven years of searching, he found himself sitting under a tree in his local park, watching the world go by.

He was meditating on the beauty of women. Surely, the curves of their hips and bosoms reflected the perfection of the divine circle he thought, and the beautiful symmetry of their faces pointed back to the duality that everything is born out of.

And he was delighted by their hair, which seemed to express everything femininity is about.

Suddenly it struck him: God is a woman, he thought. She gives birth to everything there is! Woman is the ultimate beauty, and if you understand that, you yourself become beautiful.

At that very moment his body started changing. He could feel his hips widen. He looked down at his chest and watched it grow two beautiful globes of female flesh.

He touched his hair with new slim, feminine, fingers and rejoiced in the fact that it had reached his shoulders, and it was still growing.

Jackie sat under the tree for three hours, breathing slowly with closed eyes, giving thanks to everything around her. Then she stood up, and walked home. She had a message to the people, and she would make them listen!

The pictures of Alexa is taken from First Time Videos, a haven of beauty.

This cap is dedicated to Jackie Blue.

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