FBI Captive

The FBI agent looked at Brian with a strange smile that radiated irony.

"No, of course Brian. We will keep our promise. We always do. We will change you back into your old body as soon as we are finished with you, and you will get all the tapes from our surveillance."

The sexy looking young woman looked at him with pleading eyes. Then her eyes lost focus as the other agent started to lick her pussy.

"I must say those tapes were impressive. I mean, fucking your servant, while your wife is in the next room takes some courage. It was on this very couch, wasn't it?"

Brian was still half in shock. He had let them into his house when they had shown their badges. Only minutes and a strange chant later, he fell down on the floor shaking as his body started to reshape itself into the form of a sexy teenage girl.

"There is one thing you ought to know, though," the FBI agent continued. "This is very powerful magic indeed, and anyone caught in this spell will never change back if they like their new body -- even for just a moment. So the longer you stay like this, the higher the risk. Which is why you should give us the combination to your safe right now!"

Brian was distracted by the silky long hair caressing his cheek, and marveled at the softness of the skin of his arms. He couldn't help touch his big left nipple as the agent behind him held him fast and thrust his penis inside his pussy. Oh God, this was so unlike anything he had ever experienced.

He had the mind of a woman now, he could feel it, and he was aroused by the idea of giving in to the man behind him.

He wanted that man to worship his new body, to carry her on his strong arms, to fill her up with his... No! He had to stop this before it was too late.

Brian found it hard to speak clearly, as he found himself shaking with desire. "The combination to the safe is..."


"It is 34 26 34 ... oh no..." Brenda felt herself loving her new body, and succumbed to her new fate.

"The combination!" the agent implored.

"Aaaaaaahhhhh!" Brenda screamed as a wall of lust hit her. "I ... will ... never... give you ... the combination. But if you come over here I may give you something else..."

This one is for Bren!

The images of the amazingly sexy Victoria is from the stylish Totally Redhead site.

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