Sarah in the Pyrenees

Gavin had been desperate. The Spanish police had been following him all the way from Seville to Barcelona, and it was only luck that had stopped them from capturing him. Stealing that Picasso had been such a bad idea.

"When desperate, call Phillipe," Evita has told him. "He has the power, you know: the magic power, to get you out of any trouble. But his price is high. Be prepared to tell your old life goodbye!"

So he had called Phillipe. "No problem," the handsome Spaniard had told him. "But the the Cuerpo Nacional de PolicĂ­a have already notified Interpol and the French police. You won't get through that border as you look now. I will have to make certain changes, and in return you will assist me for the next six months."

What could he say. He was led into a flat in El Raval in Barcelona, where he was presented for a beautiful young woman who called herself Sarah.

"Sarah is willing to take over your body in exchange for the Picasso,Gavin." Phillipe explained. "My body?" I asked. "Yeah, you know: an old fashioned body swap." He made it all sound so mundane. Since Gavin didn't believe in body swaps, he had agreed. He couldn't get rid of the Picasso, anyway.

There wasn't much to it, really. Phillipe held one hand on his forehead, another on hers. He said a few words in what must have been Arabic. In the next moment was looking up at his own face. His face was smiling. Then he heard his own mouth talking rapidly in Catalan.

"Time to go!" Phillipe said and dragged his new feminine body out the door. His own body waved him good bye.

They took Phillipe's car through Andorra and the Pyrenees. That was a good thing, as it gave Gavin time to adapt to Sarah's body. By the time they entered France he was getting pretty good at serving Phillipe in any way he wanted him to. What could he do? Phillipe had Sarah's passport and the story of her past.

And he needed the training. "We are going to Cannes," Phillipe explained while the new Sarah deep throated his cock. "There are millionaires and movie starts that would like to have a girl like you on board their yachts. It is only for six months you know. After that, you are on your own."

The problem was, of course: What was he do when the six months were up? When he had become used to the life style of the rich and famous?

He discussed this with Evita in a bath tub in Cannes. "Ah, I made all these plans of going back to my old life after Phillipe changed me," she laughed and lifted her cigarette. "But who the hell wants to be a man, when you can have all this?" She bent over and kissed the new girl on her lips.

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