Why do you want to be a woman?

I found this over at Being Femm.

Here is the answer:

Complicated Universal Cum - I can hardly wait from Fake Diamond Records on Vimeo.


  1. Love the video. High replay value. Why do you think the blond kept her hands out of frame the whole time?

  2. yes yes i love this vid i was getting quite aroused watching it and me still stuck being a guy when i could be a girl like thses two and be kissing anotehr girl like i ahve alwasy wanted to be doing and w why not i ahve alwasy wanted to be female and lesbian please so that i can be soft round and ahve breast and a pussy which is what i really do want i want to be female and make love to other girl's please i want to be a girl!

  3. i also love that picture up in the coner of the naked girl in her ti toilet i want thsi aslo the ablirty to sit to pee and why not it is far more efficent to be able to pee this way and not ahve to stand up and make such a mess sometimes i want to be a girl and ahve all of the girl stuff inclusing peeing sittting down!


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