The Photo of Caitlyn

Calvin had found the picture in a woman's magazine over at his dentist's office. He had become totally captivated. Mesmerized.

He had tore out the page despite the angry looks of the dentist's assistant. "Isn't she magnificent?" he had asked Anna, his girl friend. "Look at that innocence. That youthful look! To me she represents the beauty of the divine!"

He had started to dabble in mysticism, in order to find the reason for his infatuation. One Buddhist munk told him that he was most likely possessed by a female spirit who looked a lot like this girl.

A Greek Orthodox munk believed she represented Divine Wisdom and that he had to abandon the photo for the real Virgin. A Jungian psychologist told him she was an expression of his inner woman, his anima.

Anna took another approach: "This is your dick talking! You don't find me attractive anymore, and now you want some some sweet candy." She stopped approaching him at night, and became obsessed with strange tasting smoothies and herbal teas instead. He drank it all. As long as she was happy...

Calvin was so taken up with Caitlyn -- as he called the model -- that he didn't mind. When Anna asked him to stop cutting his hair, he didn't notice. When she asked him to lose weight, he did not protest. When she gave him pills that made his chest swell, he did not argue. As long as he could be with his Caitlyn.

Now Caitlyn is there night and day. Anna has found herself a lover. Caitlyn is wondering if she is willing to share.

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