Too big?

- Anna, is it true that you have given Brian over to Frank?

- She goes by the name of Connie now. I shouldn't have to remind you!

- Yeah, yeah, yeah! But really, you cannot give him -- I mean her -- to Frank. She cannot take it!

- Why not? You have let him ravage you quite a few times, if I remember correctly.

- Yes, but I have been a woman for over four years now. Connie is like a newborn. You have to treat her gently.

- Gently? To you think force feeding your old colleague female hormones is considered "gently". He was a raving lunatic for three months. It was like he was PMSing the whole time.

- Yes, I know, that is exactly why we should be kind to her. I am mean, she his shaping up so nicely: that long blonde hair, her perky tits. It was as if her weak little boy body was made for this. But she is not prepared for Frank!!!

- Too late.

- Too late?

- Yepp, she was the one that asked for him.

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TS model: Chloe Christian. Images by Shemale Club.

This one is for Connie...

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