The Rise and Fall of the Anti-Fascist League

Here is an old story I made over a year ago and which I never got around to publish.

A young skinhead is kidnapped by the Anti-Fascist League and turned into a black woman. But not everything is at is seems in the League.

You can download the full screen PDF here and here.

Click on the four arrow symbol below to read full screen here and now, or go to Slideshare and do the same!

The images of Nyomi Banxx and Tia are from always reliable Brazzers.com. If you want to see the original video footage, that is the place to go.

Some of you may be interested in knowing that I made a follow up to this story. But sometimes the idea just does not work out, and I decided not to publish the remaning scenes as a separate post. If you are interested in finding out what "the fall" was all about, though, you may download the scenes  here.