Not so bad at all

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«Bye Bro!» That was the only explanation she had left him. On an old postcard from LA. Thomas had heard her babbling about wanting to become a NAVY SEAL, of course, and the necessity of being a man.

He had not taken it seriously. She was a girl, dammit, she should leave the fighting to the brave men! Waking up in her body therefore came as much of a shock to Ed.

But as soon as he stopped shaking and slowly came to his senses, he started to see opportunities. His sister was a cheer leader. He had suddenly access to magical locker rooms. And pajama parties with that wonderful girl, Eliza.

Hm, maybe this wasn’t so bad after all.


  1. Oh, yes, Rebecca! There would be some definite pluses to having a sister run off with mine and leave me in her ripe, young body!
    Love this on Rebecca!

  2. Why would she run off? Silly little girl, he'll make much better use of her sexy fine body, mmmmmh. Great cap!


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