Machos - a French erotic movie with magic gender change

In my series on sex change porn movies, I have come to a French film called Machos, made by Fred Coppula in 1999.

The main characters are some serious male chauvinist pigs, and some of their victims decides to make use of a spell to teach them a lesson.

As a result of this spell they wake up one morning and find themselves to be.... eh, well, girls.

In the edit below you will find the transformation scene and the scene following it.

For some unknown reason our two leads immediately dress up as girls for a day beside the pool (I am not sure I would have made that my first priority).

Furthermore, one of the boys/now girls decides to have sex with the pool boy (or whoever he is -- my French isn't that good), without hesitation.

Admittedly his friend displays a little bit more reluctance, but as TG stories goes there is not much resistance.

You do not really need subtitles to understand the plot.

WARNING! The following clip contains a scene with explicit sex! It is for adults only!


  1. I know it is not up to you, it would be helpful if I spoke French or the film had subtitles, understanding their comments about having changed would be nice. None-the-less, thank you for posting this, Rebecca!
    In all honesty, in their place, I would be pretty eager to explore my new anatomy- preferably with the other transformee- but maybe the hurry into 'hetero' is part of the spell(?).


  2. As always you have done an awesome cap Rebecca. I have been fallowing you blog for awhile now and you inspire me. Kelly

  3. another great find hun, loved the sceen, to bad its not in english. lol great find :)

  4. Anonymous12/03/2011

    I downloaded this movie several years ago, but mine is in German and is called "What Women Want". Don't know which audio is the original and which is the dub. It's one of my favorite TG porn movies, because they quickly decide to go for straight sex (not a fan of lesbian or solo porn myself).

    Too bad they change back in the end though.

  5. Anonymous12/04/2011

    I find the whole movie in French but there's problems with audio


  6. Anonymous12/05/2011

    Could someone please upload the German version?

    Then I would be able to at least make a basic translation of it.

  7. Anonymous2/11/2012

    where can i watch this movie ?

  8. Anonymous8/30/2012

    I'm french and desperate about this. It is pretty much gonzo.


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