Becoming Carmella Bing

Ben and Bill were not the sharpest knives in the drawer, and given the high capacity production of hormones in their 20 year old bodies, the brainpower the Lord had bestowed upon them was seldom put to any sensible use.

When Ben saw the new Spells R Us store down at the mall, he was drawn to it as a moth to a reasonable big Californian forest fire.

"Hello there!" the old man behind the counter hollered. "You must be Ben! And the man lurking right outside the door is Bill. Correct?"

Ben asked no questions about how the man knew his name, but got right to the point:

"Do you have any love potions? I want to get a sexy girl friend with big boobs. You know, like the porn star Carmella Bing!"

"Ben, slow down!" Bill said, who had now caught up with Ben. "This is toy store for card tricks, funny costumes and the like. They don't have real potions! God, you're stupid!"

"Well, it so happens," the old man said, "that I am a real magician, and I have exactly what your friend is asking for." He went over to a fridge in the corner of the room and took out a small bottle.

"For this to work," he told Ben, "Bill must drink the potion and say the spell 'Carmella Bella Est!'"

"Why should I drink the potion?" Bill asked. "Shouldn't we give it to a girl?"

"That is not necessary," the old man answered. "The potion gives you the magic power needed to give Ben the girl friend he is looking for."

"Whatever," Bill said. There was a badly hidden "Humbug!" in his voice.

Ben was content, however, and gladly paid the 20 dollars the old man asked of him.

The same evening, in the garden of Ben's parents, Ben and Bill sat down by the pool with a couple of beers talking about girls, cars, girls, football, girls, sex, girls, asses, girls, boobs and girls, but not necessarily in that order.

On the grill, coal was burning, waiting for burgers. No vegetables.

"OK, time for me to stop talking and get some real pussy!" Ben laughed and gave Bill the bottle. "Drink up and read the spell!"

Bill understood that his friend would pester him about this the whole night, so he might as well get it over with. Hopefully, the stuff didn't taste too bad. Anyway, he had beer.

"All right, stupid!" Bill said and swallowed the ruby drink. It tasted sweet and spicy at the same time, with a scent of must. It smelled like the sex of Eva, the librarian, the only woman he had gotten that close to in his miserable sexless life.

What was that spell again? Heck, it didn't matter. "Carmella Transforma Est!" he said. It wasn't good Latin, but he just felt like saying it.

Boom! It was like he was struck by lighting and he found himself trembling on the ground. He was shaking, as if he had a high fever.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaat?" he cried, his voice moving several octaves upwards throughout the scream. "My body's changing!" Indeed it was.

Ben looked in fascination at his friend's transformation.

Bill's blond hair darkened and grew longer and longer. His hips widened with a cracking sound. At the same time as his legs grew longer and slimmer, the skin becoming hairless and soft.

The strangest part of the shift was the fact that Bill's clothes were changing as well. His shirt became a kind of black plastic corset -- like something out of a porn movie. His jeans became two long sexy, black boots, and his jockeys just disappeared.

Bill covered his genitals, finding nothing familiar.

"My cock has gone!" he cried with a girly voice. "My God, I have a pussy. I have a fucking pussy""

"You look just like Carmella!" Ben said, remembering hours of meditation over a particular Hustler spread.

And yes, Bill looked more and more like Carmella, now that his chest started expanding, forming two heavy, soft, desirable, tits with big areolas and stiff nipples.

"This can't be happening," Bill cried. "Ben, do something!"

It said a lot about Ben's moral fiber that he did nothing apart from getting an increasingly visible erection from looking at Bill's new body.

"Bill, calm down," he said. "It is just magic. I am sure you will change back as soon as that stuff is out of your system. Why don't you enjoy it? I mean, dude, you have great tits. Touch them!"

Now Bill's visible transformation was followed by an internal one as female hormones flushed his -- correction: her -- system. She did touch her new tits and it felt good. Too good, actually, as the feelings that followed started to cloud Bill's old mind.

It was as if there was a woman inside him that forced her way up from his subconscious and took control.

And given that the spell was based on Ben's immature fantasies, this woman had little in common with the real world Carmella. This was Ben's Carmella, a hyper-sexed nymphomaniac super-slut searching constantly for cock.

Carmella got up on her two long sexy legs and attacked Ben ferociously. She tore off his clothes and pushed him down on the couch they had sat on. She craved cock, damn it!

There was still a Bill in there somewhere, and he didn't feel like facing Ben, so she sat down on Ben's pelvis, facing his feet.

She grabbed Ben's cock and guided it into her new, moist, pussy.

"Oooooh, yeah!" she cried, riding him, her body rewarding her with intense pleasure.

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This was far from an elegant performance. Ben was inexperienced and this Carmella did this for the first time, but as soon as his dick slipped out she urged him to put it in again.

None of them had read the small print on the bottle. Actually, they never read the legal yada yada found in contracts and on web sites, as they were always looking for immediate satisfaction. Because of this they did not know that semen would seal Bill in Carmella's body for ever.

Unprepared for such an adventure, Ben hadn't even thought about using a condom, and when he finally came inside her, he had no idea about the consequences.

Carmella AKA Bill knew, though. She didn't know why she knew, but she felt the change settle throughout her body. It was as if a cloud had lifted, and she finally came to her senses. Ben's Bimbo gave way to a much stronger woman, and this woman was pissed.

"Ben, what have you done to me, you stupid fool?! You have taken my life away. Where shall I go? What can I do?"

She started searching for something to wear, but found nothing but a small towel. "Help me, you moron!"

She was amazed at the feeling of her breast juggling and bouncing when she walked around, and the feeling of her hair gliding over her naked shoulders was... right. No, that was not the correct word. Satisfying?

She was surprised at this, as she had been a man no less than an hour ago, but now that her system was purged of the phantasmic libido overload and was starting to calm down, she was finally hearing her new body, her new soul, her new self, and what it said felt right. No, that was not the correct word...

That being as it may, she was thoroughly fucked and not only in the literal sense. She didn't exist in any legal meaning of the word. She had no papers, no passport, no social security number, and there were no way her parents would believe that their son had become the identical twin of an -- in their view -- infamous porn star.

Fuck, she didn't even have a name. She knew now that she couldn't call herself Carmella.

That was when I found them, as I walked into the garden, looking for Ben's dad.

The Woman Formerly Known as Bill was transmitting a long list of four letter words from the sofa, with Ben looking bewildered at her. He panicked when he saw me. He recognized me as one of his father's female colleagues, and started to search desperately for his trousers.

"Sit down!" I commanded. "I may be a lady," I said, "but you have nothing I haven't seen before." Too true!

Finally I got the whole story out of them, and I realized that there was no coincidence that I was the one that found them.

The Spells R Us wizard had clearly wanted me to find them, and had sent me on an errand to Ben's father.

The old man might be a cruel trickster, but he had also a soft side. I know, being one of the many men he had given a new life as a woman.

"Come with me," I said to Carmella. "We need to give you a new life far away from this stupid fool, as well as from the real Carmella Bing."

I brought her into the house, found her some of the clothes of Ben's mother and called a cab. It was time to contact the sisterhood.

(To be continued)

Click here for more pictures of Carmella Bing! This is a work of fiction and the real Carmella Bing has nothing to do with the fantasy presented here. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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    this is the best TG stoy i have ever read.
    The ideo within make this story fun-tastic

  2. post-action1/29/2008

    The "video" not "ideo", sorry.

  3. I am so glad you liked it. I am sure there will be more videos soon.


  4. great story whens the next part coming cant wait

  5. Can't believe I have never seen this one before. I have been mising some Rebecca gold.

  6. I never got around to part 2, did I?



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