Checkmate sucker!

Jordan had never been into kinky sex. His wife told him that she preferred trust and cuddling to strange acrobatics, so Eric was mighty surprised when Jordan suggested a hot weekend in Vegas.

Well, he was not the one to say no, and he was extremely excited when they moved into their luxurious hotel on the Strip.

“Strip and lay down face down on the bed!” she told him as soon as they had unpacked. Wow, she was really taking charge this time. He could like that. He did as she said, but kept his boxer shorts on.

She started to tie him up with a thick rope, hands on his back and with his legs bent at the knees. He was a strong man, but he would not get out of this one on his own.

Now, what would she do? Undress? Climb on top of him? He would like that. She had such a petite, slim and sexy body. She did no such thing. Instead she took out a small whip and sat down on the bed beside him.

“Listen up!” she said. “This trip is not for your pleasure. You are here to be punished!”

“Duh! Get on with it,” he thought.

“I am sick and tired of you ogling other women! I am fed up with you lusting for big breasted broads with no brains!” she snarled.

“I don’t do that!” he said. Her whip hit his buttocks. “Ouch!”

“Shut up bitch!” she cried at him. “Don’t lie to me!”. She went over to her suitcase and took out a pile of magazines. She had found his secret stash of skin mags in the garage. He was dead.

“Look at this she said: Big Juggs, Big Tits, Boobs and Bazookas. Are you fucking these bimbos in your head instead of fucking me? My B-cup isn’t good enough for you?”

Boy, she was seriously pissed. “Listen babe, I can explain...” he started. The whip hit him again. “Shut up!”
She opened up a Voluptuous spread of buxom Jehzabelle. “There is a semen stain up in the corner of this page” she said and put it on the bed in front of him. He didn’t say a word.

She took a huge syringe out of her suitcase and filled it with a ruby liquid. Thank God, there was no needle! She pinched his nose to force his mouth open and thrust the syringe into it.

“Suck my dick!” she exclaimed and emptied the content into his mouth. He just had to swallow. It tasted sweet, spicy and musky, and it started to burn in his stomach.

“Why don’t you rest here, bitch, and make some pillow talk with your darling Jehzabelle?”

Jordan grabbed the Do Not Disturb sign, hung it on the outside of the door and left him to rot.

There was no way he could get out of this. In a hundred years time maybe she could forgive him, but now he just had to hold on to his sanity. He had been amazingly stupid. The liquid continued to burn in his stomach and now the warmth started to spread to the rest of his body. His skin began to tingle and itch. Had she poisoned him as well?

Strange, it was as if his chest was lying on an inflatable pillow. His torso was slowly rising up from the bed. WTF?! He tried to look down, but he got a lot of long silky, black hair, in his face. Had she put a wig on him? When? Then his butt started to throb painfully. It felt like it was growing.

His sense of smell changed and became more acute. What was that scent: musky, sensual and sweet? It was the scent of woman.

Jehzabelle was smiling up to him from the magazine. That was it! He was slowly changing into Jehzabelle. But that was impossible! He pushed his pelvis down into the bed. No, he could not feel his penis. He tried again, and this time the rubbing ignited another kind of fire. Oh shit, he had a clit!”

He could hear the key in the door, and saw Jordan entering the room. “She is on lying on the bed, waiting for you,” she said to someone behind her.

“Dear Jehzabel,” she said to Eric. “I have a wonderful surprise for you” She sat down on the bed beside her. “Hmfgh!” he said.
“I told Pim here everything about you getting married to a conservative vicar next week and your fantasy of having one last sexy fling before boredom takes you. Isn’t he sexy, dear?” Pim was a large and handsome fellow, clearly one of the gigolos from the hotel bar.

Jordan got closer and whispered into his ear: “The good news, Eric, is that the magician that sold me this Elixir of Inanna told me that the effect will be over by midnight.”

Her tongue started to play with his new feminine ear. “The bad news is...” Her hand moved down to his big tit and she started rubbing his nipple. He was getting moist down there. “The bad news is that if you get semen in any of your orifices, the change will become permanent. There is a lot of magic in those pesky little buggers, isn’t there? Well, don’t you worry about that. You don’t have any balls left, do you?”

“She is all yours,” Jordan said to Pim and handed him a couple of hundred dollars. “And remember: No condom! She is on the pill and wants it that way.” Pim lifted Jehzabelle up on her knees and tore off her panties. “Mngh, mngh, mngh!” Jehzabelle said.

“Ah, you love it, don’t you?” Jordan said. “You are like a bitch in heat.” Pim started to kiss Jehzabelle’s nipples and massage her clit.

”Oh, I’ll make you feel good,” he said before thrusting his big dick into her pussy. Her knees hurt, but her pussy betrayed her. Her vaginal muscles started to contract in an intense orgasm. That was like milking Pim’s penis and he climaxed with a grunt of pleasure. Jehzabelle could feel his seamen sizzle into her vagina, and a strong pulse that permeated through her body signalled that she now was, indeed, a woman for good.

“All right. Thank you for your help, Pim. You can leave now. And Jehzabelle, I have paid for a whole week, so you can stay for a while. Then I suggest you find yourself a new job. I will not see you again” Jordan left her naked, bound and gagged.
Room service found her five hours later. Jehzabelle is now a colleague of Pim in the hotel bar.

Scoreland has more pictures of lovely Jezhabelle. The model has of course nothing in common with the fictional characters presented here.

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