It is fun being a girl!

Seriously, I haven’t had this much fun since I was 19, back in London in the 1970’s.

That was a different kind of fun, though, full of booze, bikes and blue pills.

This kind of fun is like a sunny summer morning by the sea. You just have to go barefoot on the beach and feel the water play with your toes.

I guess that since I am 19 again it all makes sense, in a weird kind of way.

My young secretary Paula is probably the most ambitious employee I have ever had. She not only wanted to be like me, multimillionaire Frank Savoy, she wanted to be me, avoiding all the hard work in the process.

How she did it, I honestly don’t know. I suspect it has something to do with a medallion she gave me the night she seduced me.

Silly old me; I honestly believed she cared for me.

The sex was mind blowing! Her skin tasted like milk and vanilla. Her hair was softer than any China silk my company has ever imported, and those lips... those lips were the last thing I tasted as a man.

The next morning she was gone, taking my flesh and money with her, and I was left in her bed and in her body.

It was the hair that woke me. Some of her blond hair covered my eyes and my nose and I found it hard to move it away.

My eyes were still closed, and my brain tried to make sense out of the smell that surrounded me. It was her perfume, of course, but it was too strong. It was not that it was on me -- that made sense, given the previous night's activities. No, it was as if my nose had become more sensitive, somehow.

Even my hearing was better. I could hear the mailman walk by three floors down. I mean, my hearing was bad, I knew that. My doctor wanted me to give a hearing aid, and it was only my vanity that stopped me from following his advice.

I tried to remove the hair again, and this time I opened my eyes. My hand! It was small, feminine, delicate and manicured!

It was at this point I started to scream, a loud, strong and high pitched woman's scream. A dog started to bark outside the window.

I didn't get out of that bed until an hour later. I was shaking and sobbing in the shower, desperately trying to wash my new womanhood away. Stupid!

Finally I managed to put on some of her clothes, and I took a taxi over to my office building. Paula, now "me", had told the guard not to let me in. All I got was a box with Paula's Grand Canyon coffee cup and her office teddy bear.

I gave up. Nobody would have believed me, anyway.

It took a few days before I realized that I had been given a whole new life.

I started to explore this wonderful new body of mine. I mean, I have always loved the female body, and having one made me appreciate it even more.

For a while I couldn't stop fondling my tits. And I caught myself looking mesmerized at my new body in the bathroom mirror.

Then I started to explore her wardrobe. At the beginning it was the old man in me that wanted to see me wearing that sexy lingerie, but gradually I could feel that it was the woman in me that wanted to feel the texture of silk close to her skin.

My body is healthy, it is strong, it is beautiful and full of laughter, and if anyone had told me how much better the sex is being a woman, I would have tried to switch ages ago.

The idea of making love to a man revolted me at first. But this body is as heterosexual as my old one, and after a few sleepless nights I gave in to my new sexual fantasies. Caressing my clit and pussy I gave myself my very first orgasm as a woman, and I knew there was no way back. I needed a man as a flower needs sun and air. Don't talk to me about fish and bicycles!

When Paula’s boyfriend, Sam, turned up, I tried to tell him the whole story. He humored me and pretended he believed every word of it.

I love him for that, and I love him for telling me that he likes me more now than he did before the switch.

I have an idea why he feels that way. Paula had a hard soul, while I can feel that my soft and silky body is softening my soul.

Sex used to be about power for me: power and prestige. Now I understand that it shouldn’t be taken to seriously. It is to be savored like a good meal or a
good wine.

Sam and I fool around a lot, like the horny teenagers we are. We laugh a lot and make fun of each other.

I love the feeling of his skin, his lips and his penis, and I want him to him to be around forever.

I take love very seriously now. I have been given a second chance and I will not waste more years of my life.

Images from always reliable Realitykings.

This is a work of fiction and there is no relationship between the models and the characters of the story.

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