Women are born to serve, he said. Now he is the servant.

Do not -- i repeat: do not! -- make sexist jokes with wiccas present.

Freddy always got drunk at parties, and at around one AM he always started to insult the women present. Not because he believed in what he said, but because he loved to see their reaction.

This time he had tagged along as some party participants decided to move over to a farm outside of town -- some kind of commune, they told him. People were listening to Kate Bush, discussing politics, religion and the meaning of life. And at precisely one o'clock Freddy started blabbering.

“Women have fat asses,” he said. “Because God wanted them to stay at home, to rest on them, while knitting and cooking.”

“They have fat asses,” he said. “Because God wanted us men to have something soft and juicy to hold on to when we fuck them.” And the final clinch in his opinion: “God gave them fat asses and broad hips so that they could bear kids and have something to carry them on when they finally pop out!”

This time he had not done his research, as the audience predominantly consisted of members of the local wicca convent. As soon as e stopped talking one of the women whispered: “Femina Servis!”

His jeans suddenly turned into sexy fishnet stockings, his boxer shorts became soft, soft panties, and his shirt started a new life as a maid’s uniform -- a dress unlike anyone wore by a real maid.

“Fuck, fuck!” Freddy exclaimed, looking down at his ill-fitting costume. “It was only a joke, damn it!”

“So is this,” the witch said and added: “Transformis!” He could feel his hips starting to widen and widen and widen, fat filling his ass as if it were a balloon.

At the same time his legs, feet an arms became smaller, slimmer and feminine, as his body was reshaped into as hot, sexy, hourglass figure that made the men present gasp in admiration.

“Help, help,” he squeaked, his voice getting higher.

His darkened hair grew longer, cascading down his shoulders, and then his chest started expanding. First his nipples started to grow, and then two mounds of soft flesh filled his hands.

He started to get excited.

His now erect penis shot its load in his new panties, before shrinking into oblivion. A clit took its place, his balls retracted and his sacks were reshaped into pussy lips.

She explored the new opening with her own hand and marvelled at the mystery of it all. She felt so soft, so small and vulnerable, but yet so utterly desirable.

“Ohmigawd!” she said. “I feel so sexy. I feel so beautiful. Ooooooo! I am 100 percent woman now, and I need to serve."

At the back of his mind, her old self raised his hand as if to protest. She silenced him with a deep moan as her hand finally reached her clitoris. She started to shake: "OuouhouhouhouhOUGH!"

This was an orgasm of a kind she never had experienced before. "Thank you God, thank you God! Thank you God," she prayed silently. "Who wants to be a man if you lose all this?"

" I need to suck dick. I need to fuck.” She looked at the people surrounding her, as if catching the scent of all the male pheromones that filled the air.

One of the male wiccas took Freya, as she called herself now, into one of the bedrooms of the flat. Freya took hold of his dick and started to suck.

“Fill me with your sperm,” she said. “Give me your babies!”

"If I do that, I can never change you back again," he said. "The semen seals the spell. Do you understand what I am saying to you?"

"Yes," she moaned. "Permanent. I am Freya. Make me Freya. Fuck me, I beg you!"

He grabbed her broad hips and thrust his penis into her newborn vagina. Freya screamed with pleasure. "I am full, " she mumbled. "For the first time in my life I am full. I am full-filled. Filled..." A new orgams shattered any form for coherent thought.

With a final thrust the wiccan ejaculated into her vagina. Her body became fixed in its new shape.

"This was not the plan," the man told his female colleague. "We were only to teach him a lesson, not to change him permanently into a sex slave."

"We couldn't have known that the Goddess was so strong in him," the witch replied. "She wanted this to happen; now we just have to do our best to make Freya happy."

Freya is now a mother of four, serving all the men in the convent with equal enthusiasm.

The illustrations for this story are fetched from the 40 Inch Plus site of Reality King, a sacred place for anyone worshipping the female form. This is, of course, only a work of fiction and there is no relationship between the model depicted and the main character of the story.

And here is the corresponding caption (click to enlarge!):


  1. Great caption story and great nme :)

  2. Anonymous2/06/2009

    Who is the porn star in the pictures?

  3. She goes under the name of Kristina Rose.



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