Rebecca's TG Captions and Mini-stories

Here are Rebecca's transgender captions and ultrashort stories.

Most of these posts include a caption (graphic file) and a text version. The text version is often an extended version of the text found in the caption.

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The 13th hour
More magic with amazingly big boobs!

Becoming the slave of the sultan.

Summer School
It is good for your character: Spend one month as a girl at summer camp.

Man changed into pregnant woman

I had tried to image how it would be to be a woman. To have soft, round, tits like a woman.

Pretty Sweet
A witch starts selling girls on the black market.

"My God! He is absolutely stunning! And the uniform. Is Brian actually working as a maid here at your hotel?"

The spell book turns him into a sex slave.

The Suit
"Mr. Samuel MacMagic Men's Apparel" the sign said in old fashioned letters.

Parking ticket
The law required all offenders to be enrolled in the Artemis Program. Bummer!

"You changed your boyfriend into a girl?"
"Yeah, he is so sweet you know. Remembers my birthday and everything."

Oh Mike, will you please stop that sobbing! They don't think you look like a girl.

To the Club
He has to go to the club in a new outfit.

Explicit, dark and sexy cap.

Strange Swellings
"The swellings on my chest just keep getting bigger. Do you think I should go back to doctor Michelsen?"

The Collector
A collector of magic dildos tells his fascinating story.

The Captive
"I like watching a huge man shrink down to a sexy, young, teenage girl, and see those soft tits expand on his chest!"

College Girl
He had called her a sexy airhead, but he had meant it in a good way.

Transylvania 6
The xenobiology of Transylvania 6 contained some surprises.

Another explicit cap abut forced sex.

Wedding vibe
After a body swap, he is stuck as the bride.

The New Life of Brian
His wife's revenge: To turn him into a t-girl with big tits.

Transporter error
Another sci fi tale. Something's wrong with the teleporter.

The Genie and I
A genie out of the ordinary tries the usual TG trickery... and fails.

You never, ever, ask for directions if you are a man!

Mr. Bunny
A girl talks to Mr. Bunny...

The Birthday Gift
His wife finds out his secret and does something about it!


The Visitor
Taken over by an alien mind.

My Little Pony
Some serious age regression in this one.

Escort Services
He is joining a new business.

What do you think?
His wife won't pay the ransom. The kidnappers have the spell books.

Something wonderful
"Bye, bye, sissy bro! You can have my weak and soft body. I am going out to conquer the world."

Sweets for my sweet
The enemy has a new powerful weapon.

The grandson
He was turned into a shemale.

Silly story about a man and his purse.

At what price?
"I am not going to let you ruin another girl's life for a lucrative sponsorship deal. Which is why I asked grandma for her old spell books. "

His family is tired of his excuses.

Big boobs
The distortion wave hit him.

Prostitution was part of Thai culture, right? And he was there to look, not touch.

Love for sale
Auctioned off to rich people.

Kidnapped and turned into a shemale.

Inner Woman
Another t-girl TG cap -- lesbian this time.

Erik, don't cry!
"So, sooo, Erik, there is no reason to cry! You are only ruining your make-up. We can't have that now, can we? "

He was not supposed to drink that.

Flip of a coin
A flip of a coin to decide who was to use the spell book first. Who lost?

The financial crisis hit him hard. He had to find a new career in house cleaning -- sort of.

The Librarian
Have you heard about that evil witch of a librarian who captures young boys while they are preparing for their finals.

Cecilia Gallerani
The story about mistress of Duke Ludovico of Milan and model of Leonardo da Vinci.

Where did he go?
She had told him again and again: Never, ever get close to the water.

Neverending Story
She had forced him to use the Ring of Runes frequently, and each time a part of the man in him died.

The Lady of the Lake
They had been walking for hours. Suddenly appeared a lake they had never seen before.

The Experiment
Dr McAllison decides to make the ultimate experiment, proving once and for all gender is a social construct.

Bobby, the transgender bodyhopper
The feds were catching up with him, and he had no time to look for a new body.

Young and Innocent
Lesbian pulp fiction may be bad good for you.

Vicki and Alexia
A lesbian T-girl love story.

By a Jury of your Peers
"Randall Corman, I hereby sentence you to one year of public servitude as a woman."

Tina's Surrender
You dream of giving in to your animal nature. To fall down on all four and present your sex to your man and to be taken, to be possessed.

Constant Craving
He took one Fem pill. He soon found himself in the petite body of a delicious Latina with full lips, soft tits and long black hair cascading down her shoulders.

"Look at him! He is totally caught up it this, enjoying every minute of it. Of all the men we have changed, I believed Andy would be the one to resist us the most."

All the way down to the real thing
"Since I know you love women so much, I thought I would give you the ultimate gift: To feel how it feels like from the inside."
She had had enough of his sexist crap and wanted to teach him a lesson.

Becoming a bimbo...

"Hair" or" the Difference"
His wife knew his weakness for long hair, and had given him the body of his secret dreams to punish him for his infedeliety.

Variations over a theme

A time travel experiment gone bad.

A day at the hairdresser.

DHL Delivery
A package to sign for.

The Guru and his disciple
Spiritual big tits.

This is an embarrassing cap.

Fem 1: The Addict
It was a new drug that changed the very reality of your body and psyche, and it was very addictive.

The Shemale Servant
The shemale was serving her master, changing one man after the other into beautiful woman.

Transgender Tantric Sex
Dylan reaches enlightenment.

Giacomo and his Wife
He was married to a Grade A witch with a terrible temper, but who was fooling who in this case?

The Milk Factory Crisis
The Ecologial Feminist Vegan Liberation Movement slips Y2X formula into the milk.

The Large Hadron Collider Disaster
A reality distortion wave encompasses the whole solar system.

The Witcblade
Caption for Lady Alexia based on the comic.

The Dancing Prisoners
The whole sex change thing was supposed to be a punishment. Some prisoners adapted better than others.

These are no ordinary federal agents, oh no. These knew the power of magic.

His son was kidnapped and turned into a bimbo.

His friend thought him how to relax.

His wife was not willing to sacrifice her carreer being pregnant. Her solution was a body swap.

In the bath he ponders his new life as a transsexual.

Blindfolded in an "innocent" game.

The two prisoners adapted too well to their new destiny.

The Beauty of a Woman
A meditation on the beauty of womanhood.
Bill and Brian are tied up by their significant others, and for a while it all seems sooo kinky. They have no idea...

The Press Conference
Kyle was soon recruited by the evil Sisters of Ereshkigal, who turned him into a sex crazed slut and married off to this Spanish anarchist collective.

He was turned into a sexy goth chick.

General Jeremy Smith
General Smith meets his fate as a teenage cocksucker.

Princess Cindyrella
A transgender tale of royalty.

Super Bitch
He had driven down to Long Street to see if he could find a sweet girl willing to brighten his night, and had found this little black thing with that sexy sulky look he was hoping for.

White Wedding
Man invited to wedding. Man wakes up on the event and find himself the bride.

Perfect English
The tragic fate of a Japanese schoolgirl.

The Altar
What was it about "Do not touch the lingam altar!" that you did not understand? The "do not" part maybe?


Happy New Year
An old man appears at the new year's party and tells Phil that he is going to help him.

She's so sweet!
He was such a nasty boy, always up to some mischief. And he was trying so hard to escape, as well. It was so hard to make him understand that with a slim and feminine body like that, he couldn't become much of a man anyway.

Experiment No. 69
Lexie lives in denial for the moment, but the doctor is convinced that it is only a matter of time before she accepts her new fate.

The Anniversary
An understanding wife helps a man out of his misery..

Sheila and Dalene
She was really looking for a lesbian lover.

Sasha's revenge
A man understanding gender equality.

Brian does some modeling
Brian helps out at a photo shoot.

"How does it feel?" the man behind Scott grunted. "How does it feel being a sexy blonde?"

Schexy Woman
"Let me get thisss sctraight mischter! You got me drunk because you wanted to usche magic to turn me into Maschi..., Mashu.., Masiumi Max, the sexchiest model in the world, and then have schex with me?"

Doing Fine
A helpful man changing a friend into a woman.

The Prisoner
Brutal story about a man captured by a group of Ershkigal worshipers.

You know what? This is one of the captions of mine I like best!

Transexual Bliss
Man is turned into a shemale.

Happy Circumstances
Pregnancy was not part of the transformation plan. Now what do you do?

The Nub
A very short love story!

At the Ball
He had a very weak will, apparently. How could he otherwise be persuaded to show up at the ball as a woman?

The Lottery
The plague killed off 80 percent of the female population. They had to be replaced.

Sorry Mate!
Hell hath no fury etc.

Mark become Chloe
"I have to hold on to my memories! I have to remember who I am. I must fight the urges of this body, because if I don't Phil will have his will with me."

Oral Fixation
He changed his old boyfriend into this sexy slut.

"There is nothing wrong with you."
"This happens to a lot of men. They have a feminine side they need to explore, and therefore they put on some more comfortable clothes."

Transgender School Days
The disciplinary policy of this school is a little bit out of the ordinary.

A Tribute to Ed Miller.
To the king of big tits.

The end of Ron as we know him
Betrayed by his best friend, Ron becomes a big breasted love toy.

Such a sweet little girl - a tale of sissyhood
This one has a kind of Monty Python like quality to it.

Summer job
The room was big with large windows that filled it with warm summer sunlight. Five girls sat on the old fashioned beds, waiting.

Ed Miller is the TG cap master of expanding chests. Ed, I salute you!

The end of Ron as we know him
This is what friends are for: to forcefully change you into a woman and then have their will with you.

The Womanizer
A Chinese curse makes every man she sleeps with turn into a woman.

The US Army Post Trauma Treatment Services
Our protagonist is recruited into one of the new branches of the US military.

A transgender experiment gone wrong
The Amazons kidnap male chauvinists and turn them into female spokespersons for the feminist case. This time it backfired.

Dear Little Goth Girl
Rebecca's first TG poem.

Semper Fi!
If you want to turn one of your mates into your bimbo sex slave, you probably should not select a marine. I am just saying..

Chintatown Blues
A late meal in Chinatown leads to our hero being trapped there forever as a prostitute.

Please Let Me Go! (Tiffany Reborn)
This is what happens if you steal your best friend's girlfriend. He turns you into a big breasted playtoy.

TG Carwash
Do not drive into a magic carwash with your hood open. Unless you want ot become a sexy woman, that is.

How Tony was forced into becoming a transexual
Captured, kidnapped and changed into a sex slave.

My first cap in black and white.

Bright Beauty, an Asian TG transformation
My readers asked for it, and here it is: My first Japanese girl.

The Well of Inanna
This water has the most amazing magic properties, as our man is about to discover.

Veronica's new life as a woman
Being a woman is a time consuming task. Focus on the essentials!

Ultra-short and implicit TG caption.

Red Hot Peppers
"I just have this strange craving for red hot peppers, that’s all.”

Dizzy Girl
It is good to have friends that care for you and are willing to do anything to make themselves happy...

The Devil Wears Prada (or A Sex Change Fashion Tragedy)
The fashion business can be hard for both men and women.

I'm so sorry!
Don't you ever call me fat!

Becoming a flowergirl
On alternative life style.

Seriously Kinky!
Husband and wife decides to make a little bodyswitch experiment.

Happily ever after
Desertion of a bodyswapper.

Lost and confused
A woman is walking through the forest without any memory of who she is or why she is there.


Paul saved an old man from drowning. As a reward he was given a new life as a beautiful woman. This is the first in a series of stories with the alchemist Coy O.T.

It is fun being a girl!
Paula was an ambitious employee, who believe that taking over his body would give her control of his company. She was right. Frank was adapting very well to being a teenage girl.

It's gone!
Surprise, surprise! His girlfriend takes his idea of becoming a woman literally.

A craving for broccoli
His friends knew he was changing when he started to eat his salad.

The Not Mary Green
Woops, a girl takes his body to get away from the cops.

A tough guy turns into a damsel in distress.

You think I look fat in this one, don't you?
Ok, ok, even I can be a sexist sometimes.

Checkmate sucker!
His wife invited him to LA for a sexy weekend. Little did he know she was there for revenge.

Porn Star
The owner of the adult store invites him to meet his favorite porn star. Yes, he does learn to know her -- intimately.

Man transformed into blonde teenager
It must be that fresh mountain air. You cannot trust friends these days.

The Masonic Lodge of the Two Golden Globes
This is a very silly caption, not to be taken seriously.

The day Arthur became a sex kitten
When you see the pictures, you would like to be her too.

The birth of two bimbos
Two sexist CEOs get the true meaning of the term bimbo.

Heaven is a warm tit
Spells are difficult. There is always some legal yada yada in minuscule writing. My first story containing age regression.

Believe, lover, believe!
Many transgendered long for understanding. Here is one that gets it from his spouse.

Caribbean Transformation
Happiness is to become yourself. I have had several requests for the drink "Gender on the Beach".

Women are born to serve, he said. Now he is the servant.
He loved to provoke women with sexists remarks, just to see their reactions. He was in for a surprise!

The day Billy met Yolanda
A swimming pool fairy recruits a new friend. This post includes my first sex change morph.

The story about Sylvia and Richard
This was an entry to the January 2008 caption competition over at Rachel's Haven and the first caption where I used transparency in the design.


Mincaps: Quick and dirty and with little text
Guest caps: Made by friends over at Rachel's Haven


Spellbound by the pool
Cap series over at Freya's.

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