Caption competition over at Rachel's Haven

Captions has become a new artform within what we can call the online erotic ommunity.
People find exiting pictures and combine them with their own texts -- erotic fantasies if you like.

Within the TG the community this has become a very popular activity and there are a large number of Yahoo! Groups devoted to gender transformation, especially of the male to female kind.

Rachel's Haven -- a new TG forum initated by one of the more captive captionists, Rachel -- arranges caption competitions for its members. The January competition asks contributors to make use of one or more pictures of a specific set of images given by the moderators.

I am an absolute beginner in this field, but couldn't help making an attempt. In this case I decided I would't mention the transformation explicitly. The Haven members know what it is all about.

Click on the image to see the full version.

The story about Syliva and Richard

"Think about that! A great dancer and a looker too!”

“Well thank you, but there is something about you that moves me.”

“Smooth! I am Syliva, by the way. Moved into town yesterday.”

“Pleased to meet you, Sylvia, I am...”

“No, don’t say it! Let me guess. You look like a... Richard!”

“I’ll be damned! How did you guess?”

“You have that look. I guess you like racing, hmmm, hang-gliding, and going fishing with
the guys.”

“Well, actually, yes, How....”

“I like exactly the same things!”

“Going fishing with the guys?”

“Weren’t you on TV the other day?”

“Yes, I was announcing a reward for anyone who can tell us the whereabouts of my life long friend Phil. He went missing four weeks ago.”

“Phil Swanson?”

“Yeah, do you know him?”

“In a fashion. I wouldn’t worry too much about him, though. According to my sources he had to take a walkabout to find himself.”

“And why hasn’t he told me, his best friend?”

“Maybe he has? Or maybe he had his reasons.”

“My God, you’re good looking!”

“Well, thank you! We did our best!”

“I mean, it is as if I’ve met the spitting image of my ideal woman, dark, tall, mysterious.”

“And with a nice rack to go with it!”


“I said, ‘and I who haven’t had time to pack out yet’.”

“That can wait, surely!”

“You know, you look exactly like my dream man, as well.”

“I like the sound of that!”

“Damn, these heels are killing me. I have still not been able to get used to wearing those things. Why don’t you drive me home?”

“Well, certainly! Your place or mine?”

“I haven’t packed out yet, have I?”

Image source unknown. This is a work of fiction and the pictures of the models are used for illustrative purposes only.

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