The day Billy met Yolanda

A short story containing a magical male to female transformation and some complications.

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Billy was the quiet type, and thought about life and what it meant to be a human being. “What if I had been born as someone else?” he wondered. “My look on life would be different. Yeah, I am sure life would taste different.”

A nymph that often took hiding in his parents’ swimming pool stopped doing what nymphs do in swimming pools and paid attention.

“What if I was black?” Billy pondered, and thought of their black male gardener. “Would I be respected?”

The nymph moved his thoughts in another direction. “And what if I was a woman? How would it be to have broad hips,
soft, golden, skin and beautiful, heavy, breast with...” He stopped breathing at this point “...with large, dark brown, kissable, areolas?”

“Say it, say it, say it!” the nymph implored urgently, because this was exactly the kind of man she needed in her service.

“Oh, I whish I could feel how it is to be a woman,” he said out loud.

Suddenly it was like the world around him stopped. Sounds disappeared. Leaves stopped moving, and his chair and his surroundings started to blur and change into a different garden, another place.

At the same time his skin started to tingle, to become warmer as if he had a fever. He felt dizzy, but at the same time extremly aroused. ”Oh, oh, oh!” he moaned as his penis ejaculated and started to shrink. He could feel his hips and ass widen, as if opening up room for new feelings and new possibilities.

His areolas started to itch, grow and get more puffy, at the same time as he started to tan, his skin gaining a golden brown color. Then the tissue surrounding his areolas started to expand, growing into two heavy, beautiful, breasts.

His changing body started convulsing, in one intense orgasm after the other, and Billy could do nothing but welcome it all. He realised that his dick now was reduced to a small hyper-sensitive knob. He could feel his balls being pulled into his body and the sack being reshaped into a life-giving vagina.

Then it stopped. He breathed heavily and looked down at his new body. “Yes,” she said. “This is how it is meant to be.” She admired her curving belly and loved its shape.

She touched her left breast, exploring its feminine softness and becoming startled by the shocks of electricity that followed when she touched the reborn nipple. Then her right hand wandered down to her crotch. and she started exploring her pussy lips and the opening.

And then she touched her clit.

Her screams of pleasure made the nymph laugh like a tinglng bell: “Oh yeah,” she said. “You are mine now, Yolanda. You are mine!”

Neither of them saw Yolanda’s parents entering the garden.

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Images from bignaturals.com. Note that this is a work of fiction, and that the pictures of these models are used for illustrative purposes only.


  1. Anonymous4/24/2009

    So when are we going to see more morphs like this?

  2. Good question! It is pretty time consuming, so I guess I just "forgot" about it. I still have the software, though!


  3. Anonymous4/25/2009

    Oh ok, I'll be paitent I guess. But still keep up the good work.

  4. Anonymous11/27/2009

    Hey can there be more about the Nymph turning other men to women?

  5. I guess I could! I'll look into it.



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