TG Comics - transgender art at its best

I love this site, for its design, for its stories and for its artwork.

Most sites made by transgender enthusiasts for sex change enthusiasts are done to the best of their abilities. The textual content is great,  but Web-design wise many of them are amatuers, in the best sense of the word: they are amatores, those who love.

Well, TG comics is one of the most well designed sites I have found of the Web, regardless of topic. 

I love the amazingly simplistic color scheme and the successful use of white space. This site breathes!

The core content consists of "gender-mix" comics, mainly men being turned into women. There are two main types of these: traditional hand-drawn comics and computer generated stories. 

I am amazed at all the work that has been poured into the computer generated tales, and I am sure that this is an art form of the future.

Drawing by Infinity

Still, the technology has not reached the point where the characters have become truly life-like, which is a slight drawback. However, pour your fantasy into the stories of Infinity Sign and CBlack and they come alive.

My favorite artists at the moment must be Infinity and her anime-inspired drawings, and Fraylim's  TabloidTV magazine parody. 

My favorite story is Femur's The Hot Date, a work in progress.

Image from The Hot Date by Femur

Tebra has made som hilarious old time comic-book cover spoofs, that have inspired a lot of TG stories that are printed alongside them.  There is also a full section of American comics, slightly changed and adapted to the TG theme. Thor becomes Thora, and meet the female version of Captain Marvel!

The Photo Comics section is mainly based on stills from movies, again remixed and mashed up into new stories.

Finally, there is a forum where you can discuss the art and the topic of TG comics in general. I haven't been able to scratch the surface of that one yet. It is clearly the place to go to keep track of comics outside the TG Comics site as well.

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