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Maria and the lilitu demon Part 1 and Part 2
Long magic photo comic about an ancient demon that changes men into women.

The T-camp
New long photo comic series from a camp in Brazil. A ruthless company turns boys into girls and sells them as t-girl slaves. (Link to all episodes published so far).

Babylon Academy Episode 7
So far the final episode in my series from Babylon Academy, a college run by the mighty witches of Ershkigal. Talented young boys are recruited to a new life as witches. Click here for all episodes so far.

Short and silly slide show on man landing in the red planet.

Teenage Miracle
James and Jenny get a visit from Fiona the Fairy, and amazing things happen.


Witness protection
Another variation of the witness protection theme. (Slide show)

Babylon Academy Episode 1
The episode that started it all. Long photo comic. Click here for all episodes in reversed order.

A sissy turned transsexual turned real woman story.

Babylicious - the transgender video cap
Yepp, that's right. I have captioned a video for you!

The Nerd and the Magic Sword (the one with the insanely big tits)
One day while surfing on one of the more obscure web sites he visited, he found a discussion on the legendary Sword of Lacton, according to legend one of the few artifacts left from the lost continent of Atlantis.

A photo story for the T-girl enthusiasts among you!

A music video based on the song by Madonna.

The Exchange Student
Short photo story about an American boy who becomes a Japanese schoolgirl.

The 8-ball
His teenage sister ran away with his body. It could have been worse.

Skulls and Balls
Another college fraternity photo story.

Pink Witness
Photo story of a man who ends up in the witness protection program.

Sister Love
His sister wanted to be a soldier. Here he was, in her teenage body. (Photo story)

The Beach
Working for the Daughters of Ershkigal can be risky, especially if you as a male dissapoint the Mother Superior. You are taken to the Beach for a rather dramatic reassignment. Photo story.

He was running from the law, and in desperation he asked the local mob for a secret identity. He got more than he bargained for. Photo story.

A day at the office
A short photo story about modern office life.

Pussy Whipped
A phtoto story about feminization and humiliation.

Teenage hormones and a video game changes their fates forever.

He was enslaved by the mob, but this one did not turn into a sissy.

Welcome to the Federal Behavioral Correction Facility, where the governm
ent helps men who have gone astray become decent and law abiding citizens.

The Transformation
Another story with the sinister spell books.

The Sissy - a transsexual fantasy
Here's one boy that will never disobey his mother again.

Cheerleader Practice 3
What is it about cheerleaders that makes us come back again and again. No! Don't answer that!

Forced Femme
There can never be enough revenge stories in TG fiction. Here is one guy facing an unexpected destiny.


Happy New Year
An old man appears at the new year's party and tells Phil that he is going to help him.

The Sex Change Experiment
A "realistic" story about a man who is turned into a woman as part of psychological gender research.

The Amazing Story about Karyna and the Magical Strap-on
A true love story from Ukraine. Karyna buys a strap-on at an unusual store.

Powergirl, a TS fantasy
Finally! A story for all you T-girl enthusiasts out there!

My life as a girl (The Kali Spell)
One of my most popular slideshows ever. About a doctor who is thought a lesson in humility (sort of...).

The Whole in the Wall
An extremely silly photo story set in the Inanna universe. The Alchemist is changing men to serve as recruits for the Sisterhood.

Cheerleader Practice 2
The cheerleader saga continues. As some of you may remember, Phil and Sam made a bet with fellow cheerleaders Bambi and Anne about being able to resist sex for one day as female cheerleaders.

The Spell
Another story set in the Spellbook Universe. Or two stories, rather!

My Life as Amanda
This is Rebecca's first proper video caption. His car was hijacked. His body was hijacked. Now he has to adapt to a new life as a teenage girl.

Cheerleader Practice 1
It was a dangerous bet. Phil has his first day as a female cheerleader.

Here is a photo story for the shemale lovers among you!

Beat the Bastards
BtB is a series of episodes from a reality TV show of the future. There will be eight photo stories all in all when the series finishes in March 2009.

Beautiful Otherness
This is not so much a story as a visual celebration of womanhood. May be enjoyed as a video or a slideshow.

The Artist
An artist inherits a magic medallion from his grandmother. The medallion helps the wearer take on any human shape, and his grandmother talks to him from the grave, urging him to use it to know everything human.

Transgender Second Life: Spellbound
Collaborative work by Freya, Tiyo and me based on shots taken i Second Life.

The tit collector
Here's another transgender story set in Freya's Spellbook universe. Adam invites Phil home, where Phil meets Valerie, a girl with seemingly no inhibitions as regards sex. It seems to good be true, but is it?

The principal has decided to stop taggers and vandals at all costs, even if it means turning boys into sexy girls.

Famous politician cheats on his wife using a call girl ring, and has to resign. When he finally comes out of prison, she welcomes him back with a surprise present.

Hypnotized, a forced femme fantasy
It looked like regular hypnotic therapy, but it turned out the changes were more of a physical nature.

Fran and Friends, a TG comic
My first attempt at using Comic Life for making a photo-comic. One of my most popular stories ever. Recommended by TG Comics!

Dazed and Confused
This is the story about a very confused patient that has been through some very traumatic experiences, and that cannot remember much of them. (Photo Story)

The Prisoner of Doctor Trauma - a Transgender Horror Story
Very explicit photo story with strong BDSM elements. Not for the faint of heart.

Man transformed into a woman
Man cheats on wife. Wife imprisons him in the Columbian jungles giving him an aggressive hormone therapy.

Probably my most popular photo novel ever. A few years into the future bodyswapping becomes technically possible. A mix up occurs.

The Chaperon
A short piece on a man that becomes the female chaperon for a good woman friend, finding himself seduced by his date.

Sex on the Beach
The local guide finds himself to be the fiancé of his customer.

A man becomes a busty woman
Troy has lost his job. His boss, however, decides to hire him as his new secretary.

Slave - a tale of forced womanhood
Revenge is sweet for the brother of a violated girl. The rapist is turned into a sex slave. (Very explicit and not for the faint at heart).
Photo story.

Carmen - as story of forced feminization
The pizza guy meets utter humiliation in this story set in the Spell Book Universe.

Becoming a Lady

80 panel long erotic photo novel on Simon and the car trip of his life. This story has magic, an ancient sisterhood, a long limo, arousing sex changes and some really attractive ladies. So what are you waiting for?

Becoming Carmella Bing
Two teenagers, juvenile dreams of a porn princess and a potion. The boys are in for a surprise

One Night as a Woman -- Rebecca' s first photo novel.
He was sharing a flat with Amanda, who one day decided to give him and her best girl friend the experience of a life time.

This tale can be read as a heavily and explicitly illustrated 32 panel slide show or as a regular short story.

The 5 million dollar bride
He owed the mob 50,000 bucks, and he had nothing to give them but his body. Mafia boss Farinelli knew what to do with it.


Servant of the Skull
One man finds him captured by the Servant of the Skull (Freya's).

Hillbilly Horror
BDSM photo novel over at Freya's.

The Feeling
A classic tale of forced emasculation. If fellatio turns you on, this one is for you!

The Tit Collector
Adam invites Phil home, where Phil meets Valerie, a girl with seemingly no inhibitions as regards sex.

Transgender Second Life
The story is set in the Spellbook universe and "filmed" in Second Life. A collaboration with Freya and Tiyo.

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