Caribbean Transformation

On a trip to the Caribbean, Jack experiences true happines for the first time. This is another sex change story from Rebecca.

It was all very simple, really. He was going to have that long deserved holiday he had denied himself for so long.

God, was he tired. The company took everything out of him, and he wasn’t certain whether the yacht and the cars made it all worth while.

Late at night, when he complained about this to the beautiful Jamaican woman behind the bar, she just smiled at him and gave him a ruby red drink. “This my friend, is a Gender on the Beach,” she said. “Drink it now down at the beach under the full moon, but make sure that you are alone.”

He did as she told him. He brought a sat down close to the water, savouring his drink, slowly.” It was spicy, musky and sweet, just like a.... woman. He was slowly changing into a woman.

He noticed that his nipples suddenly became sore and sensitive. Two small bumps appeared. They expanded into two beautiful, soft, hanging, fruits. He touched them, bewildered, and felt butterflies fill his belly.

This was good, this was right, and whether it was the drink that calmed him down or something else, he could not say. But he was nothing but content when his penis started to shrink, ending up as a small, sensitive, bud.

It hurt a little when his balls were pulled up into his body, but it was all forgotten when the remaining skin was reshaped into soft lips. She could feel how the vulva filled with blood as he got excited. She was getting moist.

She started slowly to massage her vulva and the clitoris, building slowly up to a tremendous orgasm, and orgasm beyond anything she had experienced as a man.

She walked slowly back to her yacht. “I am truly happy!” she said, tossing her long, black hair. “Tomorrow I am going to celebrate. Hmmm, yeah! That gardener certainly looks good!”

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The images are taken from Reality Kings, one of the best collections of erotic sites available, in my opinion. This is purely a work of fiction, and the model depicted is not to be identified with the main character of the story.

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