Fictionmania, a megasite for transgender fiction

If you are looking for stories about men turning into women (and women turning into men), Fictionmania is bound to becom your most important source of litterature.

It is a mainly text driven site. Behind its rather bland fascade hides close to 15,000 stories sorted into a large number of categories, like Bad Boy to Good Girl, Age Regression, Body Suits, Magical Transformations, Sexual Punishment and much, much more.

Don't you recognize me? It's me, James. I have now read 300 stories about bimbos over at Fictionmania, and I am starting to feel a little silly. Hm, aren't you handsome! Come here!

The stories cover topics like cross-dressing, sex reassignment, surgery, androgyny, effeminancy, and role reversal.

According to the Wikipedia the website found its roots in the early 1990s as an online bulletin board  known as the "Sierra Bulletin Board," owned and operated by Fictionmania founder Mindy Rich.

Anyone can submit a story, poem, essay, etc. provided the submitter is the author and the submission concerns an exploration of gender.

I have found a large number of high quality stories over at Fcitionmania, also of the type that really turns me on. But, of course, as it would be in any bookstore, for each great book there are nine that are more average. The trick is to find the good ones.

That it is not always easy, because in spite of a sophisticated category system and advanced search functions, there are so many stories that it is hard to keep track of them all. It would be great if the site could develop a Web 2.0 like voting system.

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