The Masonic Lodge of the Two Golden Globes

When Fred, Arthur, John, Peter and Malcom became members of the Masonic Lodge No.666, the Two Golden Globes, they were not prepared for the severity of the tests involved. “We will not let any unworthy know our innermost secrets,” the Worshipful Master said.

The test seemed pretty easy to the five boys. “Is God a man or a woman?” they were asked.

“Man,” they answered, all of them.

“That is not the answer we expected from you,” the Master said. “A true freemason knows that the Grand Architect is a voluptuous woman that feeds mankind with her giant breasts. You will not be given the 33 degree. Instead you will become servants for the true brethren, fulfilling their every need and desire.”

The Worshipful Master read out a long and powerful spell, describing how the curves of the compass mirror the female form of the Great Goddess. The boys immediately started to swell out. Their asses were filled with fat, becoming big soft pillows of flesh.

Then their chests started to grow. First there were small sensitive mounds topped with hard, erect nipples. Then their girly breasts started to expand, slowly filling up their new DD bras.

Fred grabbed his newborn breasts with both hands and cried out: “I am in love with this woman!”

John immediately started to explore his new pussy. When he started to get wet, he forced Arthur down on his knees. “Lick my soft pussy, bitch!” he commanded.

Peter went over to the Worshipful Master, pulled down his panties and presented his butt to the man. “Fill me up with your holy rod!” he pleaded. The Master so did.

Malcolm’s tits were still growing. He lifted up the right tit and put it in his mouth. He just stood there tasting his own feminiinty, oblivious of everyone around him.

The girls are now all embodying the Godess, working in the garden of Lodge No. 666. Ultimately, they will be married off to worthy brethren, spreading the craft to new generations.

Pictures from the big tit heaven of Score.

This is a work of fiction. The models are not serving Freemasons -- at least not to my knowledge. Click on the caption to enlarge.

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  1. Anonymous5/07/2014

    Yeah I've heard all the stories about sex and "riding the goat". The shrine conventions don't do anything to discourage this notion but the reality of speculative masonry parallels the actual sweat work of labor in the heat of the day and preps men for work and not rest and refreshment tho I would it were so much fun as you aptly describe!!!--- an old laborer


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