One Night as a Woman -- Rebecca' s first photo novel

Readers of this blog will know that I have a tendency of making long text captions, small erotic stories that can set the scene for a TG fantasy.

However, sometimes there are stories that deserve more space and more pictures, and how do you do that without ending up with to many separate graphic files?

Well, here is an experiment, an erotic TG short story with more than 30 images. I have included the text below, but you really want to watch the slide show, believe me!

Amanda and I shared a flat near the university. It was strictly a platonic relationship. I had tried to approach her and had been rejected, swiftly and without mercy.

“You are not my type,” she said. “You are too bookish and prude. But I am sure you’ll be a good flatmate, and I like to have a man around that can repair the sink and such.” And so it was. You don’t say no to Amanda. We had become friends, sort of.

One day Amanda came up to me and kindly asked me if we could switch bodies for a day. Her good friend Gale was with her, looking at me with great expectations.

This was clearly one of their practical jokes, and I decided to play along. “Sure, I said, I don’t need my body tonight anyway. I am too tired for more studying. What do you need it for?”

“I want to study the secrets of manhood,” she said. “I want to know how it is to drink beer with you mates in the pub, talking about babes and bikes. I want to pee standing. I want to scratch my crotch when everyone’s looking. I want to go partying without having to put on make-up. I want to know how it is to feel physically strong and tall.”

Oh, this was another round of man-bashing! But I liked my flatmate and her sense of humor. “Well, that’s about sums it up,” I said. “How do we go about changing bodies?”

Gale looked at me with her nearly gold colored eyes and pulled up two medallions. “We use these magic medallions we got at Spells R Us!”

Gale was a beautiful redhead the same age as Amanda: 19. Sharing a flat with Amanda had its advantages. She had a lot of great looking girl friends. Not that I had managed to exploit that advantage in any way. But I liked Gale a lot!

“And where did you find Spells R Us,” I asked. “Close to Toys R Us, I reckon.”

“No,” said Gale, seemingly serious. “We found it next to Starbucks down by the mall.” Yeah, sure, I had been down by the mall this very morning, and there was definitely not a magic shop there.

“The owner of the shop asked Amanda and I to switch bodies first, and then try it on you.”

“Really, and when did you two do your body swap?” I asked.

“Yesterday,” Gale answered. “It was I who asked your aunt all those embarrassing questions.”

“I see,” I said. “Well, I wondered why you had forgotten all about her hang ups about foreign cars.”

“We are not joking,” Amanda said. “It really works, and I want to try being a man for just 24 hours. Aren’t you curious about how it would be to be a woman and have a body like this one?” She pointed down at her tits.

I blushed. To be honest, the thought had struck my mind, and some familiar lesbian fantasies involving me and Gale raised their ugly heads.

“OK,” I said, give med the medallion. Gale put one around my neck and another around Amanda’s. Then she let them touch each other.

Wooooooow! Vertigo! It was as if someone had turned the room inside out. I was facing the opposite direction, looking straight into the chest of … fuck!... myself.

“Hi sis!” my body said, smiling. “No, don’t you worry about a thing. Gale will take care of you.” The body left and I could hear the entrance door slam shut.

I looked down at Amanda’s tits. My tits. I touched her long, silky, black hair, her – no, my -- curvy ass. I looked at my long, feminine, manicured fingers. I touched the soft skin of my naked belly, dumbfounded.

Gale looked at me, fascinated. “How does it feel, Amanda? You are one hot chick, you know!”

I sat down on a chair, shaking, unable to say a word. Gale took my hand and led me into Amanda’s bedroom and put me down on the bed.

“Sit here, and I will leave you alone so that you can fondle your tits and explore your pussy. That’s what boys want, isn’t it? I’ll be back soon.”

I had fantasized about Amanda’s body, about touching her, exploring her, and here I was, with a Carte Blanche as far as touching goes. I lifted the top above my tits and grabbed them carefully. Hmm, these tits had been upgraded. I didn’t mind.

They were round and perky and with big areolas. As a man I would have loved to suck and bite them. I touched the nipples and felt a strong shiver travel down my spine and down to my small toes.

My fingers wandered down to my crotch. I was no virgin and had touched pussy before, but as I explored the soft lips, the strange opening and my –ouch – clit, I started to understand that I knew nothing about having a vagina.

When Gale entered the room, again. I understood from the look on her face that I was about to learn about the female mysteries. Amanda had said something about Gale being bisexual. Seeing me touch my pussy, she just tore off her dress and jumped into bed.

“Lemmi’lemmi’lemmi!” she cried and put my hand on her tit. I knew that Amanda was not bisexual, but God know that there was enough left of the man in me to enjoy that feel. We started kissing and the soft, sweet taste of her mouth drove me crazy. God, she was hot!

And, I looked down at my own body, was I hot! Gale was soon kissing and biting my nipples, leading to one shivering wave of pleasure after the other. I could feel my pussy getting wet, and I put her hand on top of it. She pushed her fingers into my vagina, found the G spot, and sent me into my first orgasm as a woman. Oh, fuck, this was good!

Then she started licking my clit, rhythmically and patiently, which brought on more pleasure. My body was shaking, my mouth uttered a long sting of meaningless sounds and I was literally drooling.

Then I moved down on her. I hadn’t been in this body for more than an hour, and I was already learning. I was careful when touching her clit and used my long tongue with care. She tasted strong of woman, and the scent of the both of us sent my hormone production over the top. I was definitely starting to feel like a girl.

Afterwards, she let me rest on her arm, my face close to her tit. “You liked that, didn’t you?” she asked me. “It is beyond belief,” I said with my new feminine voice. “Don’t you ever tell this to the boys, or they will all want to become like us!”

Finally she took me out to the bathroom and we had a long and sensual shower together. Then she helped me freshen up and put on make-up, which is one hell of a complicated business, if you ask me!

She was determined. The two of us were going partying -- me as Amanda.

Both Amanda and Gale were known as party lions and some of the stories I had heard about them indicated that were nothing like my timid self.

“I know they call me a slut,” Amanda had once told me. “They are just jealous. When they are old and dry they will have nothing juicy to remember. I will know that I have lived my life to the full. I love fun, I love sex and I love this body!”

Inhabiting Amanda’s body I could feel that personality is not just something situated in the mind. It is in the muscles and veins, and I could feel Amanda’s soul within me. I felt reckless myself. I wanted to go partying, I wanted to explore these feelings, and I suddenly understood what Amanda had meant.

All dolled up, we took a taxi to a large villa outside of town. “Old friends,” Gale told me. This was a man’s paradise, a large number of young beautiful women dancing wildly to heavy rhythms. We got ourselves some drinks, looked around and danced.

A tall, dark haired, girl in a small blue dress came up to Gale. “Have you finally managed to turn her?” she said and looked at me.

“Just for one night,” Gale said. The girl came up close to me and started to touch my tits. Then she had her tongue inside my mouth. I heard myself moaning. It was as if the feeling of being desired was enough to touch my button – my pink, wet, button.

“Enough of that,” Gale said and grabbed me into another room. “You are mine tonight,” she said. “I decide who to share you with!” She gave me another drink and a pill.

“I don’t do drugs!” I said.

“Amanda does!” she said, put the pill on her own tongue and kissed me. I had no choice but to swallow. I started to feel like the King of the World. Or – rather – the Queen of the World.

There were a couple of men in the other room. An arrangement committee of some sort, I guess, and Gale went up to one of them. “Hey, Phil,” she said. “Come meet Amanda! She is a virgin!”

“Sure!” he said, not believing a word of it, but he took my hand politely and shook it. I had bad feelings about this. There was no way Gale was going to maneuver me into getting close to this man, but I noticed that I enjoyed his admiring glances up and down my body.

“Let’s go to your flat,” Gale said and bit his ear. We took his car to a house at the other side of the city. He led us down a corridor and up some stairs, one girl on one arm. We were joking and laughing and I felt fine. I didn’t mind his hand resting on my back. Not really.

There was no doubt in my mind that Gale wanted to have sex with him. I decided to look at it as live porn. The Amanda in me definitely was of the opinion that this was on of those things you had to have done in order to have truly lived.

Up in his flat Gale jumped up and wrapped her legs around his body. I found myself humping his leg. How embarrassing! I found myself another drink.

Gale was horny as a cat in heat. She came up to me, grabbed my hips and pushed her tits into my back. “You are so hot, Amanda,” she said. “You are the most desirable girl I have ever, ever met!”

She dragged me over to the couch where she started to kiss Phil. He tried to grab me as well, but I avoided kissing him. Gale spread her legs and begged him to finger fuck her. He was not the type that had to be asked twice.

Gale, however, barely looked at him. She was only focusing on me, kissing med, stroking me, holding me and fingering me, and I was getting so hot that I found it hard to concentrate.

Even when he put his fat cock up her pussy, she continued to kiss me.

“I love you, Amanda,” she whispered in my ear. And I suddenly understood what this was all about. Gale did love Amanda. Not me, but Amanda.

But Amanda was not attracted to women, so this was the only way Gale could make love to the woman of her life. Now she wanted to give Amanda the gift she couldn’t give her herself, a cock.

I felt said for her, but this made me like her even more. She would never love me as a man. I could just stop dreaming about that. But tonight I wanted to give her what she wanted, even if it was all a dream

“Let’s go to the bedroom!” Phil said and led the way. Gale was jumping up and down as a kid on the way over.

“You watch!” Gale said to Phil and removed my clothes. She put her fingers up into my pussy and massaged my clit. I felt another orgasm building up. I cried out in ecstasy while Phil was stroking his dick, looking at us.

“Come here!” Gale said to Phil and turned me around. "Let’s taste her pussy!" First Gale started to lick me from behind, then I could feel to male fingers touch my pussy lips. I tried to get away, but Gale held on to me.

“Hush, Amanda!” she said. “You are going to enjoy this!” Looking down at my own tits juggling, I had to admit I was getting turned on by the whole spectacle. But, My God, I couldn’t have that man put that tool inside me. Fuck, his dick was twice the size of the one I had myself as a man!

I found myself on my back, Gale holding my tits. “Oh, no, no, no!” I said and closed my eyes.

“Do it for me,” Gale said, and I spread my legs. I could feel the tip of his penis enter my vagina. I could feel it stretch deeper and deeper, as his manhood filled me up. I was frightened and tense.

“Let go!” Gale said. “Let Amanda take control.” I did, and suddenly my pussy was overflowing with pussy juice, and his strokes began to feel good. I liked this feeling of being fulfilled, of being worshiped by a man that wanted me.

Gale lifted my legs so that Phil could push even deeper. I cried out, again and again: “Fuck me – oagh – fuck me – ouch – fuck me – Oh God! – fuck me – Bloody Hell! – fuck me -- aiiiiiiieeeee.” It ended in the kind of scream no man can imitate.

The next afternoon, Gale, Me as Amanda and Amanda as Me met in our flat again. Gale held on to me trying to keep the dream alive as long as possible. I could see tears in her eyes. But when the hour was there, we switched back.

The look Amanda gave Gale told me that Amanda did love Gail, although not in the way Gale wanted. I also guess that she knew about my feelings for Gale and that this was her way of fulfilling our dreams, at least for one night.

The next day another sexy, young, redhead came up to me outside the lecture hall, embraced me and whispered into my ear: “That was the best sex I have ever had! What do you say, my place tonight?”

I have to talk to Amanda!

Images from my favorite porn site conglomerate Realitykings.com. This is a work of fiction, and the models depicted have nothing to do with this story.


  1. Yay! This is my favorite kind of TG captioning. Nice long story. Well told. Nice layout. Very well done. Read the PDF, and it looks great. Other than a couple of typos, ver nice job.

  2. Thank you very much! I am working on a new wide screen story.

  3. Great news. Have to praise you also for showing some "before" pics of our hero/heroine. Also for the very elegant layout. Your whole site is very well done (and thanks for the wonderful review of tgcomics.com, by the way).

  4. Thanks for your kind words! tgcomics rocks!


  5. Anonymous3/04/2008

    Great story, we need more lesbian stories such as this.

  6. Anonymous11/26/2010

    best fantasy--stroke it longer!!


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