The day Arthur became a sex kitten

Arthur loved women. Not that anyone noticed. Even at the age of 22 he behaved as a clumsy teenager, and if a girl spoke to him (which happened once a year on average) he froze up and started to stutter.

In fact he didn’t look too bad, but a childhood full of parental criticism had left him with the belief that he was butt ugly. His sex-life was therefore limited to heavy sneezing, porn and lonely masturbation.

One night, after having thoroughly embarrassed himself at the local magazine store, he sought refuge in the latest issue of Hustler. What he didn’t know was that a fairy had crash landed on this very copy of the magazine on her way to a fairy convention in San Francisco. She had left some fairy dust on the centerfold.

When he opened looked up the centerfold in order to worship the beauty of the female form the centerfold actually moved and spoke to him!

“Give me life, Arthur,” she said. “Let me experience life in three dimensions! Let me feel the wind caress my naked skin! Let my ruby lips taste the wine of life! Please Arthur, I want to feel love and be loved!”

“What can I do?” Arthur asked. He very much wanted to help her. “Touch my heart,” she said. He put his finger on the small spot between her beautiful young girl’s breasts. It was as if a bolt of lightning had struck him. He fell back on the bed in shock. He was burning in every limb and every cell and he started shaking as if he had a terrible fever.

“Wh-wh-wh-what is happening to me?” he stuttered. He tried to pick up the magazine, but barely managed to take a look at the spread. The girl was gone. It was as if the photographer had taken pictures of an empty room.

Then his body started to shrink, slowly at first, then faster and faster. He could feel his waist starting to narrow at the same time as his butt started to expand. It was as if his ass lifted him off the bed.

“I am loosing it,” he thought. “My loneliness has finally driven me mad.” Then his hair started to grow. Some of it fell onto his face. He tasted it and it was soft and silky. He was shaking so hard that he had to hold on to the sheets in order to avoid falling off the bed.

He could feel his penis shrink and his balls retract, but when he tried to hold on to them his hand found soft and moist pussy lips instead. By accident his finger touched his clit, and his feverish shaking was replaced by a much more pleasurable shiver.

He lifted his hand up to his chest and cupped his new, soft, teenage breasts. When he rubbed his nipples, a glow deep down in his crotch expanded and exploded in a series of intense orgasms.

She looked down at her own body and found that she was indeed beautiful beyond belief. She got up from the bed and walked naked down to his 18 year old sister’s room. “Sis,” she said. “I need to borrow a bra, some panties and your sexy red dress. You and I are going to paint the town red.”

“Finally!” his sister said. She did not seem very surprised over having a sister all of a sudden. "Where do you wanna go?"

"To the Origo Club," the new sexy woman replied. "I have a lot of catching up to do!"

The pictures are from the classy Hustler site. This is a work of fiction and the model depicted has no relationship to the fictional characters.

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